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Australian Made AS4480.1 medical sheepskin

At OZwool, our Medical sheepskin is specially designed to provide a range of health benefits [...]

Is a Medical Sheepskin Cost-Effective?

Australian As4480.1 Medical Sheepskin is a new pressure-relieving overlay that has shown promise in preventing [...]

Australian Medical Sheepskins and Home Use

At Ozwool Sheepskin we select the Best Sheepskins For Australian Medical Sheepskins and Home Use  [...]

Available in Brisbane – High-Temperature washable medical sheepskin – A All-round Solution

Pressure Care High-Temperature washable medical sheepskin are the Ultimate in avoiding Pressure Sores Yes, medical [...]

Natural Medical Sheepskin Rug|OZwool Australian Sheepskin

Australian Medical Sheepskin Rug Our Medical Sheepskins Rugs are 100% medical-grade Australian sheepskin hides. Available in [...]

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