About Australian Sheepskin Tannery from Ozwool

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  • At OZwool, having grown up on an Australian Fine Wool sheep station, we have a passion for high quality real Australian lambskin and sheepskin products.
  • Unlike many, We know and have experienced the actual health benefits of these products.
  • All our tanned sheepskins are hand trimmed, shaped and well presented.
  • Our point of difference is our sheepskin hides are generously sized, and our leather and wool side finish is of our high standards.
  • We only use the highest quality Australian Lambskin, and Sheepskin products and our internal and external quality assurance processes ensure that we guarantee the quality of our skins and manufactured products.
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Australian Manufacture

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  • At OZwool, We pride ourselves on our Australian Owned and Made capabilities.
  • We are the leader in custom-made sheepskin products. Over half of our sales are from locally made Lambskin or sheepskin rugs and products.
  • We custom-make to your size, style and budget.
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  • You can contact us by Phone at 61 7 3314 6975 or 1300 723 051.
  • We can be contacted via our Contact Us page
  • Or by snail mail at P.O. Box 3245, Warner, Brisbane, Queensland, 4500, Australia.
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Australian Sheepskin Everywhere

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  • Rehabilitation Equipment Suppliers and Medical & Aged care Equipment shops.

  • Our Decor Range of Lambskins is sold in High end and Speciality Stores, while many baby care shops sell our Infant care range.

  • We even supply to the International Motor Industry and Aviation Fitouts. All are extremely satisfied with a great product designed for a long life at a great price.

  • We have seen what others have passed off as sheepskin and know what people want. We use our products in our own homes.

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