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Australian Made AS4480.1 medical sheepskin

Pressure sore prevention with the OZwool AS4480.1 Australian Medical Sheepskin The best australia has to offer in Medical Sheepskin to protect from Pressure sores

At OZwool, our Medical sheepskin is specially designed to provide a range of health benefits to patients confined to bed or who spend long periods sitting.

Here are some reasons why you might consider buying an Australian Made AS4480.1 medical sheepskin:

1.            Pressure relief: The proper selection of Medical sheepskin has significantly reduced the incidence of pressure ulcers in bedridden patients. The sheepskin’s larger and dense fibres help distribute pressure more evenly over the patient’s skin, reducing the risk of skin breakdown and ulcer formation.

2.            Comfort: Medical sheepskin is soft, plush and comfortable to lie on, providing a cushioned surface for patients who are bedridden or confined to a wheelchair. The fibres are the optimal selection between too soft and too hard. The sheepskin’s natural insulating properties also help regulate body temperature, keeping the patient warm in winter and cool in summer.

3.            Moisture management: Medical sheepskin is highly absorbent, wicking away moisture from the patient’s skin and reducing the risk of skin irritation and infection.

4.            Antibacterial properties: The natural lanolin in medical sheepskin has natural antibacterial properties, helping to prevent the growth of bacteria and reducing the risk of infection.

5.            Easy to clean: Medical sheepskins are easy to care for and can be machine-washed or hand washed in lukewarm or high-Temperature water using woolskin woolwash. They also dry quickly, making them convenient for hospitals and care homes.

Australian Medical Sheepskin as4480.1

Overall, medical sheepskin is an excellent investment for patients who are bedridden or spend long periods sitting, providing a wide range of health benefits and improving the overall quality of life for the patient.

Our Medical sheepskins are used in hospitals and care facilities and for home care patients. For patients at risk of developing pressure sores or bedsores. Buy Australian Medical Sheepskin. The best source of High Temp Medical sheepskin for bedsores prevention is available only from the manufacturers .

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