Australian Coloured Longwool lambskin rug

Coloured Longwool Sheepskin

There are many reasons to own a Coloured Longwool Sheepskin rug. These luxurious rugs are naturally made with the finest quality Australian sheepskin.

Their luxurious texture keeps you warm and cool in both winter and summer.

The natural fibres are also tanned to meet strict international standards, making them an excellent choice for home decor. You can easily clean them yourself, and they can last for years.

These rugs are genuine long wool lambskin with a wool fibre length of 65mm or 2.5 inches.
They come in a variety of sizes and colours to fit any decor.
Choose from the traditional shaped longwool lambskin rugs or opt for one of the many unique colour choices.
No matter what colour or size you choose, you will love the look and feel of a genuine lambskin rug.

The OZwool Sheepskin range of Longwool Coloured Single Sheepskin Rug is a premium-grade product. Its luxurious texture and natural colour make it ideal for furniture throws and floor rugs.

These rugs are available in various colours and make a perfect floor rug, a lovely throw over a chair, or a luxurious addition to your bed.

And with so many colours to choose from, you’ll have no problem finding a coloured sheepskin that goes with your home decor.

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Showing 1–24 of 33 results