Medical Sheepskin – Extra Large High Temperature Washable Australian Medical Care Sheepskin

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  • High-Temperature Australian Medical Sheepskin – These are Real Sheepskins, with natural leatherbacks, in the natural shape of a sheepskin. All are washable and in stock. These are straight wool fibre skins.
  • Hide Length: 100cm plus. Skin Width: 55cm – 75cm – The longer they are the wider they are.
  • High-Temperature Urine & Blood Resistance – Washable to 80 Degrees Celcius
  • We supply Hospitals.
  • These True Hospital grade Australian medical sheepskins have been developed to wash at high temperatures..
  • Authentic Australian MEDICAL Care Skin.

In stock

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Medical Sheepskin – Why you ask, there are cheaper sheepskin products. They are the same as Australian Medical Sheepskin! Sorry, they are not.

Medical Sheepskin from Ozwool is Real Natural Australian Sheepskin

 They are also:

  • Australian Medical Sheepskin is Resistant to flame and fire.
  • Sanitized ® for your Safety, safeguarding against unhealthy bacteria and smells for the lifespan of the product.

Why OZwool Extra Large Australian Medical Sheepskin:

  • Over 22 years of online and retail Experience.
  • The highest quality Sheepskin on eBay and Online!
  • One of the original eBay Australia Medical sheepskin sellers.
  • 100’s of repeat buyers – some with multiple purchases over the last 16 years.
  • Custom sizes and manufacturing (locally) options.
  • Over 40 years of Australian sheepskin experience – Born and bred on a sheep farm.

These flexible lambskins can be used for:

  • Supportive, our medical Sheepskin has naturally dense fibres that provide a supportive texture.
  • These are Real Sheepskin, with real leatherbacks, in the natural shape of a sheepskin.
  • Improves blood flow around the skin.

Our Extra Large Medical Sheepskin Size is:

Hide Length: 100cm plus.
Skin Width: 55cm – 75cm – The longer they are, the wider they are.
Material: 100% Authentic Australian Lambswool Sheepskin.
Overall Height: 26-30mm.
Colour: Medical Green.

Extremely washable, Totally machine washable up to 80 degrees centigrade, We advise the Woolskin ™ Sheepskin woolwash for Superior results.

Australian High-Temperature Medical Lambskin Underlay

  • Our Australian Medical Sheepskins are used extensively in Hospitals and Nursing Homes throughout Australia and Overseas with great success.
  • Exactly the same as we supply hospitals like Epsworth, Royal Brisbane, Redlands Bay Health, and other medical resellers
  • Please Note: All measurements are approximate, and all measurements are taken from the skin. As sheepskin is a natural item, overall sizes will vary slightly from skin to skin.
  • Ozwool is one of the leading Australian medical sheepskin suppliers. We supply our pressure care underlays to all hospitals and nursing homes. Medical sheepskin pads that we supply hospitals are the same as those we supply retailers and the public.
  • The wool pile on these high-temperature washable Green underlay is approx. 28-33mm. This premium-grade wool was combed 10 times in multiple directions.
  • High-Temperature Urine & Blood Resistance— Washable to 80 Degrees Celcius.
  • The wool length on high temp Green is approx. 25-28mm long premium-grade wool combed 10 times in multiple directions.
    Practical Comfort– Absorbs up to 36% of its dry weight in moisture without feeling damp, keeping you cool in summer and warm during winter.
  • 100% Australian-Made Medical Sheepskins. Ozwool’s range of 100% Australian-made medical-grade sheepskin bed underlays and our own range of 100% Australian-made Medical products.

Hospital Grade Pressure Care Protection

  • Our repeat customers and results are a testimony to the love of a natural product that works.
  • The value and comfort of the straight short wool pile in the medical grade sheepskin products are derived from the 26-28mm pile (about 1 1/4″) of these specially tanned sheepskin hides that are fully washable at high temperatures– see our sheepskin washing page.
  • High-Temperature Urine & Blood Resistance– Washable to 80 Degrees Celcius.
  • Genuine sheepskins, beware of other options.
  • Your Premium High Temp Washable Health Care Underlay is Hospital Quality having superior wool denseness, high absorbency and being able to be washed many times over. We supply Hospitals.
  • Tanned adopts the world’s BEST EcoTan ™ technique, which is the most organic tanning procedure available. EcoTanning is better for the environment.
  • Suitable for dry cleaning.
  • These True Hospital grade medical sheepskins have been developed to wash at high temperatures and help to care for patients.
  • All are washable, and the singles are in stock and ready to ship. Doubles we sew together as required.
  • Absorbent, Sheepskin Naturally wicks away moisture from your skin without feeling Moist.
  • Natural and Hypo-allergenic, optimal for those with allergies.
  • Authentic Australian MEDICAL Care Skin.
  • Keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Increase Pressure Care

Promote pressure care with this Australian Medical Lambskin.

  • Natural.
  • Soft and uniquely absorbent yet supportive (NB. To soft is not supportive).

 We continue to hear excellent results from users. However, everyone is different;

Long-lasting and a pleasure to own, with proper care,  they will last a long time.

Uses of These Sheepskins

Incredible Support and Added Comfort, suitable for many applications, including:

  • Chair Throws.
  • Bed underlays.
  • Wheelchairs.
  • Walkers.
  • Seat Pads.
  • Plus, much more.

Looking for something so different? Our Multiple Hide options and rectangle medical underlay are sewn together as required. This allows us to make custom sizes to suit your needs.

Incredible Comfort – Practical Comfort – our Medical Lambskin can Absorb up to 36% of its dry weight in moisture without feeling damp, keeping you cool in summer and warm during winter. You deserve the best High-Temperature, Washable, Natural Shape Australian Medical Sheepskin.

Additional information

Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 100 × 65 × 2.6 cm

Extra Large 39" – 41" (100-105cm)




Yes – Hospital Laundry Washable


Eco-Tan – as Natural as Possible


Medical Green




As Supplied to Hospitals Australia Wide, Yes – Actualy Urine and Blood Resistant


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Woolskin Sheepskin Shampoo & Woolwash 500mL

Woolskin Sheepskin Shampoo & Woolwash is the only Sheepskin Detergent suitable for washing sheepskin products – including baby lambskins & medical sheepskins, ugg boots & car seat covers. Woolskin is developed by Australian sheepskin Tannery Industry and is recommended for all natural fibres & is suitable for individuals who have a sensitivity to ordinary detergents.

Woolskin Sheepskin Shampoo & Woolwash is based on tanning technology to safely wash sheepskin without damage to the leather. Woolskin contains a blend of tea tree and lemon myrtle oils which have been proven effective against dust mite and pet allergen.

Woolskin is ideal for wool and natural fibres such as alpaca, mohair and wool/possum blends and has been found to reduce the prickle in coarser wools and wet wool smell.

Woolskin can be used as a general laundry detergent for sensitive skin.

Total sales: 323 pcs.

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