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Is a Medical Sheepskin Cost-Effective?

OZwool AS4480.1 Australian Medical Sheepskin Underlay. The most supportive medical pad available to help prevent pressure sores

Australian As4480.1 Medical Sheepskin is a new pressure-relieving overlay that has shown promise in preventing pressure ulcers in hospital patients. But it is not yet clear whether or not it is cost-effective. In this study, we will answer these questions. This makes it possible for us to compare costs and the effectiveness of Medical Sheepskin with a similar product.

OZwool AS4480.1 Australian Medical Sheepskin Underlay
As4480.1 Medical Sheepskin

Sheepskin Comfort

Ozwool Sheepskin is a company based in Queensland, Australia. It produces various products using Australian medical-grade sheepskin. These Medical Sheepskin products have high-density wool fibres. In addition, the hides are tanned to withstand frequent washing.

In addition to offering comfort and protection against skin breakdown, these products also help reduce pressure points. For example, the AS4480.1 Natural Colour Medical Sheepskin is a natural coloured Australian Tanned Sheepskin with a higher density of natural wool fibres between 26mm and 30mm long, allowing for superior pressure redistribution properties.

The natural Sheepskin wool fibres are naturally breathable, allowing them to absorb up to a third of their weight without feeling damp. This feature helps wick away moisture from the body, reducing the risk of pressure sores. Sheepskin is naturally warm in winter, allowing air to circulate throughout the body. In summer, it keeps you cool. Unlike synthetic blankets, medical sheepskin rugs are available in pelt-shaped designs or as bed-shaped underlays.

As with all randomised trials, researchers will keep records of patients who have received Australian Medical Sheepskin and the reason for their withdrawal. The results were analysed in the group to which the sheepskin was assigned, using the “intention to treat” principle. If sheepskin does have a positive impact on health, the study will be worthwhile for patients and the industry. The research will determine whether genuine Australian Medical Sheepskin provides the same benefits as synthetic alternatives.

Sheepskin pads, either shaped or natural, are also suitable for people who suffer from pressure sores. They help prevent bedsores and make the patient feel fresh throughout the day. Sheepskin wool pile is highly absorbent, absorbing as much as one-third of its weight. Furthermore, this fibre releases moisture quickly, making it a good choice for those who experience skin irritations. Medical sheepskin is an ideal option if you have a skin condition and are worried about developing pressure sores.

Resilience of Medical Sheepskin

The resilience of medical sheepskin is a hallmark of authentic products. Unlike manufactured fibres, wool contains a massive number of tiny air pockets. This air movement promotes healthier blood circulation. The natural antimicrobial property of wool also helps maintain a comfortable body temperature. In addition, it wicks away moisture, making it a highly effective bed covering. Medical sheepskin products are also naturally fire-resistant.

Medical sheepskin products are made from natural or treated sheepskin and are known for providing the skin with comfort and long-lasting support. People with pressure sores develop them when large amounts of pressure are applied to a point on their skin and underlying tissues. Medical sheepskin products are known for their softness and resilience, reducing the pressure between the patient’s skin and bed. These products can relieve long-lasting pressure in the home or hospital.

The resilient nature of medical sheepskin products is one of their primary benefits. The wool fibres reduce skin pressure, friction, and moisture, thereby preventing pressure ulcers. Pressure sores result from prolonged tissue compression, reduced blood flow to the extremities, and friction at the point of contact. In addition, these products are sanitised and machine washable. That means that they can be used as often as needed.

A new Australian Standard, AS4180.1, was developed by the CSIRO’s Leather Research Centre in collaboration with the leather and wool industry. This new standard helps consumers find an Australian Medical Sheepskin with confidence. This new standard guarantees medical sheepskin’s durability, comfort, and softness. These rugs are safe to use and are a far superior alternative to synthetics. In addition, Australian Medical Sheepskins meet the strict requirements of the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Easy to maintain

Unlike synthetic materials, medical sheepskin is hypoallergenic and odourless. Its natural fibres can withstand up to a third of its weight in moisture, preventing it from feeling damp or creating an environment that can encourage pressure sores, skin breakdown and infection. Its natural fire resistance makes it safe and easy to clean and dries quickly. This makes it an excellent choice for medical devices, including bed underlays, wheelchairs, wheelchair seats and bed pads.

Cleaning Medical sheepskin is easy and safe. Whilst the AS4480.1 standard allows hides to be washed at higher temperatures. It is also recommended that the Woolskin woolwash be used to was It also helps maintain the natural oils in the hide. The Tea Tree and Lemon Mertye also help to retain the fibre wool integrity and cleanliness.

Cost Reduction in Pressure Care

The cost of a medical sheepskin varies significantly depending on its size and shape. The price is higher than that of a car seat sheepskin or babycare sheepskin.

The value of the medical sheepskin is in its better washability and pressure care support. In addition, a study must consider the time and effort spent by health care providers in administering and cleaning the sheepskin. The costs will be analysed using invoices from firms.

A study conducted in Australia recently found that using medical sheepskin reduced the incidence of pressure ulcers in general hospital inpatients by 58 per cent, compared with standard nursing care. The trial was undertaken in a large teaching hospital in Melbourne, Australia, and included 441 patients over 18 years with a low-to-moderate risk of pressure ulcers. This study was approved by the hospital’s Clinical Research and Ethics Committee.

The study compared the effectiveness of a medical sheepskin against the cost of using it in a nursing home. The costs involved in the treatment of a pressure ulcer include the purchase of the sheepskin, laundry expenses, and the time spent by nurses and medical staff. The costs of pressure ulcer treatment were compared to the cost of using a medical sheepskin.

Efficacy of Medical Sheepskins

The ability of medical sheepskin to reduce pressure sores was investigated in nursing home patients. The Australian Medical Sheepskin showed a significant reduction in pressure ulcers in nursing home patients, which can save a hospital a considerable amount of money. This alternative treatment is easy to use and does not require any special skills. The benefits of using a medical sheepskin are below.

The primary benefit of medical sheepskin lies in its ability to distribute weight effectively and thus reduce the risk of bedsores. Its 1-inch (25.4mm) pile height is ideal for evenly distributing weight. This soft material is highly conformable and moulds to the patient’s body shape, thus relieving pressure where it builds up. The insulating properties of the wool pile improve blood flow, which helps treat skin irritations.

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