CSIRO Approved Medical Sheepskin Largest size Avail AS4480.1-1998 Medical Sheepskin High Temp Medical Sheepskin Natural Colour

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CSIRO Approved Medical Sheepskin – High-Temperature washable Australian Medical Sheepskin to the Australian Standard AS4480.1-1998

  • 100% Australian Made Medical Sheepskin Rug
  • Average 105cm long
  • 100% Australian Merino Sheepskin
  • Natural Colour
  • Sustainably sourced and ecologically processed in Australia
  • Produced using CSIRO technology that combines 4000-6000 wool fibres
  • Provides superior comfort and support for the user
  • Relieves pressure by up to 50% when lying down according to the CSIRO
  • High-Temperature Washable Urine & Blood Resistance – Washable to 80 Degrees Celcius
  • Our Medical Sheepskins have been used extensively in Hospitals and Nursing Homes with a lot of success.
  • Country of Origin: Australia


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Effective CSIRO Approved Medical Sheepskin, a Premium Australian Medical Sheepskin pelt

High-Temperature Australian Sheepskin Medical – As4480.1-1998 Medical Sheepskin pad

  • Natural Colour
  • Largest Size Available

Do you wish to reduce the possibility of pressure sores? If so, this will help you.

The Medical Overlay is placed directly on the sheet, and to be most effective, you lie directly on the Sheepskin Pile. Direct wool contact gives the best Pressure care. With proper care, our sheepskin will last a lifetime.

Why you ask, there are cheaper sheepskin products. They are the same! Sorry, but they are not. The As4480.1-1998 Medical Sheepskin pelt is a Natural curly wool pile product. This alone gives better support than the straight wool shorter wool pile that others sell cheaper. If you want true results faster, this is the only item I recommend. It is what I would use for my parents. It is what you should use for your family.

Authentic Real Sheepskin

These are Real Sheepskins, with natural leather backing, in the natural shape of a sheepskin.

All are washable, single in stock, and ready to ship; doubles we sew together as required.

Incredible Support and Added Comfort

The CSIRO Approved Medical Sheepskin Length is 105cm plus

The wool length on high temp NAtural colour is approx. 25-33mm long premium-grade wool combed 8-times in multiple directions

Practical Comfort. Absorbs up to 36% of its dry weight in moisture without feeling damp. Keeping you cool in summer and warm during winter

Ozwool range of 100% Australian-made medical grade sheepskin bed pads and our own range of 100% Australian made Medical products have been used for years.

Sheepskin Medicals for Home Use.

Our repeat customers and results testify to the love of 100% As4480.1 bed sores treatment and prevention. The value and comfort of the curly wool pile in the medical-grade sheepskin bed pads. The Sheepskin Medical products are derived from the springy 27mm pile ( about 1 1/4″) of these specially tanned sheepskin hides that are fully washable at high temperatures – see our sheepskin washing page.

AS4480.1-1998 Medical Sheepskin Results in Better Pressure Care Support

With a high pile density of the soft but supportive curly wool pile. These springy, resilient wool fibres create a cushion effect. Distributing body weight and pressure over a wide area. Each fibre acts like a “mini pocket spring” that will deform to a body contour and spread the load.

High-Temperature Urine & Blood Resistance Sheepskin Underlay – Washable to 80 Degrees Celcius

Our CSIRO Approved Medical Sheepskin continues to be used extensively in Hospitals and Nursing Homes with great success.

The Sheepskin Medical – CSIRO has developed AS4480.1 and is the best in medical sheepskin. The curly wool offers premium support and comfort. These are real sheepskins. Beware of other options.

TheĀ  Australian AS4480.1 Medical Sheepskin rug consists of between 4000 to 6000 wool fibres per square centimetre. The unique nature of the dense fibres in our Australian Medical Sheepskins provides outstanding support. This mass of individually aligned fibres collectively reduces pressure by distributing the user’s load. In fact, CSIRO studies reveal a pressure reduction of more than 50% when lying on an AS4480.1 Australian Medical Sheepskin compared to a mattress. No other sheepskin or sheepskin products give this level of support and pressure reduction.

It may be supplied as Natural colour depending upon stock. Please specify if you prefer green.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 105 × 65 × 2.6 cm



Natural AS4480.1 Medical


Yes – Hospital Laundry Washable




As Supplied to Hospitals Australia Wide, Yes – Actualy Urine and Blood Resistant


Natural Colour Australian Made BabyCare


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