Australian Sheepskin cushion & Pillows

Sheepskin Cushions and Sheepskin Pillows
Sheepskin cushions will add a touch of luxury to any home. These luxurious cushions are made of 100 per cent sheepskin and are a perfect addition to your sofa, bed, or armchair. Long wool natural hides are used to create these soft pillows, Available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. You will find one ideal size for a couch or an armchair. Sheepskin cushions are available in many colours and patterns. Suitable as a primary or accent pillow in your home.

Sheepskin cushions are incredibly comfortable and luxurious. The thick fibres evoke a feeling of warmth, and the vibrant or neutral colours of sheepskin cushions will blend seamlessly with any d├ęcor. Sheepskin cushions can bring glamour to the room if you have a sofa or armchair with a traditional look.

Sheepskin cushions have many benefits, including being something to snuggle up with. They don’t require you to change the pillows or covers in the middle of the year. Sheepskin is easy to clean; you can vacuum or spot clean them like standard upholstery. Furthermore, sheepskin will not absorb odours because they are 100 per cent natural. This makes them an excellent choice for people with allergies or asthma.

Medical Sheepskin cushions and Pillow cases are also available.

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Showing all 7 results