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Sheepskin Bed Underlay

Sheepskin Bed Underlay. Medical bed underlay from Medical Sheepskin. Medical Bed Pad or Medical Bed overlay

A Natural Sheepskin bed underlay helps with sleep comfort and can be used on many mattresses. It offers a layer of pressure support, air circulation, and temperature regulation.

It also wicks moisture away from the skin and prevents body heat loss. This feature makes it ideal for patients who sweat and need to regulate their body temperature while sleeping. Our handmade sheepskin bed underlay is made in Queensland and shipped worldwide.

Sheepskin Aid in Pressure Redistribution

Sheepskin Bed underlay helps to redistribute pressure under the skin and between the mattress and the body. This helps reduce the chances of developing bedsores, also known as pressure ulcers or decubitus ulcers, which can be very painful and cause long-term health issues if not treated properly.

It also improves temperature control by regulating airflow around the body and dispersing heat as it passes through it. It also absorbs moisture, helping to regulate your sweat and keeping you cool and dry at night.

Sheepskin also has a reputation for being extremely durable and can last a lifetime, unlike some other materials, which may fade and break down over time. It can be washed often with Woolskin Woolwash and rinsed at 80degC, effectively killing bacteria without shrinkage.

What are the benefits of medical sheepskin? Many, High-Temperature washing, Pressure care support, help relieve pressure sores and many more. The Natural hides we use to make them a pressure care solution are specially selected for their high density.

Moisture Management

Sheepskin Bed underlay is a great way to provide a soft, natural feel to your bed. It helps keep you warm, comfortable, and dry at night.

Sheepskins are naturally breathable and wick moisture away from the skin, which improves circulation. This is especially important to people who suffer from chronic health conditions that cause them to sleep in an uncomfortable positions for extended periods.

Our High Temperature washable medical sheepskin mattress pads are also resistant to urine, which makes them ideal for incontinent patients. This property ensures that they can last for a long time, which is a good investment for those confined to a wheelchair or bed.

These sheepskin underlays can be washed and dried regularly with soap and water. However, they do tend to curl up a bit after being washed, so be careful not to over-dry them. Putting them out in the sun can help keep them soft and smooth again.

Air Circulation

An Australian sheepskin mattress cover is an excellent way to promote air circulation in bed, which can help keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This is because it has millions of tiny soft natural wool fibres that support your weight and create an air cushion to allow air to circulate right around you.

This airflow helps keep your body temperature even throughout the day, which will help prevent you from overheating. It also wicks sweat away from your skin quickly.

Temperature Control

Sheepskin Bed underlay is the ideal solution for people with a temperature-sensitive mattress and can help keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The breathable wool absorbs moisture and regulates body heat, keeping you comfortable all night.

Ozwool Sheepskin AS4480.1  Sheepskin Underlay is made using Australian Tanned As4480.1  High Temperature washable medical grade Sheepskin Hides that have been carefully selected for their high-density wool fibres, which offer superior pressure redistribution properties. The As4480.1 Hides make the best sheepskin mattress topper for any size bed.

Sheepskin also has anti-microbial properties that help repel bacteria, dust mites, and bed bugs found in beds. It’s also easy to wash and will last a long time.

Bed Underlay Frequently Asked Questions

Do you put a mattress protector over a wool underlay? It is not recommended as the sheepskin pressure care benefits will be lost as they are covered over

What is a sheepskin pad used for? Our High Temperature washable and regular temperature washable bed underlays come in many sizes so are suitable for a full bed size or a small pad under the legs, bottom area or shoulders – as required. our biggest is the super King at 200cm x 200cm and the smallest rectangle pad is 90cm x 60cm, plus natural shape single and double hides.

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