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Medical Sheepskin Knee Protectors

high temperature washable medical sheepskin knee Guard. Made from As4480 medical sheepskin or High Temperature Medical sheepskin. Australian made Knee Protector

Australian-Made Medical Sheepskin Knee Guards

Medical Sheepskin Knee Protectors help. Our Knees are an essential part of our body that can suffer from various injuries. These can range from sprains to arthritis, pressure sores, to muscle loss.

Aged Care, Disabled and bedridden patients are all at risk from knee problems. Knee pads can help protect your joints and decrease your risk of injury.

Sheepskin Comfort

Whether you’re an NDIS client or a person that does not have the same mobility that they used to have, our Medical Sheepskin knee pads will provide some extra cushioning. Medical sheepskin knee pads offer the best fit for any knee as they are fully adjustable with our velcro straps. They are made in Queensland by ozwool sheepskin, using specially tanned and selected medical sheepskin to provide the best protection possible.

These pads also offer plenty of support for your knee, which is great for keeping them in shape and preventing further injuries. Sheepskin knee pad covers will help everyone.

They’re also exceptionally lightweight, so you can move around freely without worrying about the pad weighing you down or causing pain.

We have the Natural Coloured AS4480.1 Knee Guards, High-Temperature Medical Sheepskin Knee Protectors, and now cream Coloured Regular Temperature Medical Sheepskin Knee Protectors.

Sheepskin Durability

Medical Knee Pads are essential for people with muscle loss or pressure sores or the potential to get pressure sores. They are great for protecting your knees from bruising and scrapes and can also help reduce the risk of developing arthritis or other joint conditions in the future.

Features of the sheepskin knee.

A medical sheepskin pad or medical sheepskin knee guard is one of the most durable and useful products you can buy for your knees. This specially tanned natural sheepskin has been selected to provide comfort and relief for people with injuries or other conditions. Also known as a sheepskin knee wrap.

The material is also much more durable than it looks, making it a durable option for your knees. Its unique properties include absorbing sweat, preventing slipping, and distributing weight evenly. It can be removed and washed for quick clean-up, ensuring your knees stay healthy.

Natural Warmth

Medical Knee Pads are designed to protect your knees from traumatic impacts.

In addition to protecting your knees, they are also great for alleviating abrasions.

They are made from ozwool sheepskin, a renewable resource that is very durable.

They can be used to treat sore knees, muscle pain and arthritis. Heat promotes blood flow to the area, helping relieve stiff muscles and joints.


Aside from being comfortable and practical, these medical sheepskin Knee pads are also breathable. They wick moisture away from your knees to keep you cool and dry while working hard to improve your health or sport.

The most exciting part is that they can be machine washed repeatedly and retain their therapeutic properties. This unique tanned wool is also heat, humidity and urine resistant. With a small but effective wrap-around design, it is a surefire way to make your knees feel better for longer.

These are able to be purchased via your NDIS plan or your Aged Care Plan, or without a plan.

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