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Benefits of Australian Medical Sheepskin for pressure sore prevention

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Exploring the potential ofmedical sheepskinUtilizing Australian Medical Sheepskin for bed has proven to be a game-changer in the fight against pressure ulcers, significantly enhancing pressure sore prevention for those with limited mobility.[2][3]Crafted to comply with the stringent AS4480.1 standard, Australian Medical Sheepskin provides exceptional comfort and effective pressure ulcer prevention, mitigating the risk of bed sores and contributing to improved sleep quality.[10].

The strategic use of Australian Medical Sheepskin for bed sores is pivotal in patient care, offering not just ulcer prevention but also aiding in moisture management and temperature regulation, key factors in preserving skin integrity and ensuring patient comfort.[12]Embracing the superior quality of Australian-made medical sheepskin underscores its significance in pressure wound management and as a vital component of independent living aids, showcasing a commitment to excellence in healthcare products.[7].

Understanding Medical Sheepskin

Recognizing the adaptability and effectiveness of Australian Medical Sheepskin within healthcare settings is essential for enhancing patient care and achieving optimal outcomes in medical environments.

  • Sizes and TreatmentsAustralian Medical Sheepskin is tailored to meet various requirements, available in both Standard Size and Body Size. These sheepskins are specially treated for medical use, allowing for high-temperature washes that play a crucial role in infection control protocols.[1][2].
  • Product RangeThe range of products, including overlays, underlays, boots, slippers, and seat pads, are all expertly crafted to mitigate pressure, manage moisture, and maintain temperature control. The versatility of Australian Medical Sheepskin is paramount in the implementation of effective pressure sore and ulcer prevention strategies.[2].
  • Australian Standard AS4480.1Emphasizing the hallmark of excellence, Australian Medical Sheepskin products are meticulously tanned in Australia, conforming to the rigorous Australian Standard AS4480.1. This benchmark outlines stringent performance criteria, such as superior leather quality, precise wool type and length, and specific laundry protocols, ensuring the sheepskin products meet the gold standard for medical use in Australia.[8].

Medical Sheepskin and Pressure Sore Prevention

Australian Medical Sheepskin, certified by the Australian Standard AS4480.1, is crucial in the prevention and management of pressure sores and injuries, especially for those with limited mobility or at heightened risk of such conditions. Here’s an insight into its pivotal role:

  1. Pressure Point ReliefAustralian Medical Sheepskin can be strategically positioned beneath high-risk areas like the sacrum, trochanters, and heels, to evenly distribute weight and provide substantial pressure relief in these susceptible regions.[10].
  2. Versatility Across Healthcare SettingsIn various care settings, from hospitals and nursing homes to home-based care, Australian Medical Sheepskin offers a hypoallergenic and breathable solution that minimizes friction and pressure on the skin. Its resilience to withstand high-temperature laundering affirms its suitability for environments demanding stringent hygiene, such as operating theatres.[9][11][13].
  3. Evidence-Based EfficacyResearch validates its efficacy, with a notable randomized controlled trial demonstrating that Australian Medical Sheepskin overlays slashed the risk of pressure ulcers by 70% when compared to conventional hospital mattresses. This dramatic reduction highlights the material’s integral role in elevating patient care and bolstering pressure ulcer prevention efforts.[8].

By championing Australian-produced medical sheepskin, we not only bolster the local industry but also capitalize on a superior, proven solution for comprehensive pressure care and the prevention of ulcers.

How to Properly Use and Maintain Medical Sheepskin

To ensure the durability and performance of Australian Medical Sheepskin, especially those conforming to the AS4480.1 standard, it’s crucial to follow a simple care regimen. Below is an easy-to-follow guide:

  • Routine Cleaning and Maintenance:
    • To preserve the resilience and minimize matting of the wool, it’s recommended to regularly brush the fibres with a dog hair brush as part of your Australian Medical Sheepskin care instructions.
    • Shake out the sheepskin to remove loose dirt and dust.
    • For immediate stain treatment, use a damp cloth with a mild soapy solution.
    • Air dry the sheepskin away from direct sunlight or heat sources to prevent damage.
  • Washing Instructions:
    1. For cleaning, either hand wash or use a gentle machine cycle with Woolskin detergent, or a comparable product free from bleach and enzymes, specifically designed for Australian Medical Sheepskin.
    2. Double rinse to ensure all soap residue is removed.
    3. For odours, sprinkle baking soda, let sit, then vacuum.
    4. Use cold or lukewarm water only, avoiding hot water to prevent shrinkage.
  • Drying and Storage:
    • Post-wash, absorb excess moisture by gently pressing with a clean, dry towel. For drying, either line dry or lay the pad flat, taking care to avoid direct heat or sunlight as per Australian Medical Sheepskin care instructions.
    • Maintaining the sheepskin’s plush texture is simple; once fully dry, give it a thorough brush with a wire-bristled brush, as suggested in Australian Medical Sheepskin care maintenance guidelines.

By adhering to these Australian Medical Sheepskin care instructions, not only is the lifespan of the sheepskin extended, but it also continues to serve as an effective aid in pressure sore prevention and enhancing patient care.

Where to Incorporate Medical Sheepskin in Patient Care

The integration of Australian-produced medical sheepskin into patient care routines, particularly those meeting the AS4480.1 standard, brings substantial advantages across various healthcare settings. Here’s an overview of the primary applications of medical sheepskin in healthcare environments:

  • Feet and Ankle Care:
    • Australian Medical Sheepskin products, such as OZwool’s sheepskin medical boots, are essential for managing swelling in feet and ankles. They offer unparalleled comfort and are instrumental in reducing the risk of developing pressure sores.[5].
  • Skin Protection and Mobility:
    • The natural properties of Australian Medical Sheepskin aid in friction reduction, allowing for smoother movements for patients. This is especially advantageous in preventing skin irritation and boosting the comfort of those with limited mobility.[16].

Healthcare providers can harness the exceptional advantages of Australian-made medical sheepskin to elevate the standard of care and enhance patient comfort through its specific applications.


The significant benefits of Australian-produced medical sheepskin, particularly those adhering to the AS4480.1 standard, have been highlighted for their effectiveness in pressure sore prevention and patient care within the healthcare setting. Its versatility and proven success in minimizing ulcer risks and improving comfort make Australian Medical Sheepskin a vital asset in healthcare.

Advocating for the inclusion of high-standard Australian-made medical sheepskins in healthcare practices underscores their pivotal role in improving patient care and comfort. Emphasizing proper use and maintenance is crucial to prolong the life of these essential healthcare aids, ensuring they continue to provide superior pressure 1300 723 051The strategic integration of Australian-produced medical sheepskin into patient care demonstrates a dedication to healthcare excellence and patient well-being.


Q: Can sheepskin be effective in preventing pressure sores?
Medical sheepskin for pressure sores offers an effective, natural solution for the prevention and relief of bed sores or pressure sores. Sheepskin benefits those who are bedridden or wheelchair-bound by wicking away moisture and reducing skin pressure.

Q: Is sheepskin recognised as a device that relieves pressure?
A: Sheepskin is widely recognized as a sheepskin pressure relief device, with its efficacy supported by extensive research. The Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) has conducted a literature review affirming its capabilities as one of the effective pressure-relieving devices. Historical studies from the 1930s, 1950s, and 1960s have consistently echoed these findings.

Q: In what way does sheepskin assist in the prevention of decubitus ulcers?
A: In the realm of medical care, sheepskin serves a crucial role, especially in preventing pressure ulcers, by minimizing pressure and promoting moisture evaporation from the skin. This function is vital in keeping the skin dry and helps in thwarting the onset of decubitus ulcers, which typically emerge in areas subjected to continuous pressure, such as the tailbone and heels.

Q: What advantages does medical sheepskin offer?
A: The health advantages of medical sheepskins are manifold, encompassing the regulation of body temperature, the reduction of blood pressure, and the prevention of pressure sores. The Australian Medical Sheepskin AS4480.1 is engineered to cater to individuals aiming to avert pressure sores, while simultaneously offering unparalleled comfort and support.


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Pressure care with AS4480.1 medical sheepskin

OZwool AS4480.1 Australian Medical Sheepskin Underlay. The most supportive medical pad available to help prevent pressure sores

Medical sheepskin is a particular type of sheepskin that is selected and processed to provide pressure care for people at risk of developing pressure ulcers or bedsores. The Australian Standard AS4480.1 outlines the specific requirements for medical sheepskin products, including their use in pressure care.

Here are some key points about using AS4480.1 medical sheepskin for pressure care:

  1. Pressure relief: Medical sheepskins are selected and tanned to provide pressure relief by distributing pressure evenly over the surface of the sheepskin. An Ozwool Australian AS4480.1 Medical Sheepskin can help to reduce the risk of pressure ulcers and bedsores.
  2. Moisture management: Medical sheepskin naturally can manage moisture, helping to keep the skin dry and reduce the risk of skin breakdown.
  3. Quality standards: To meet the requirements of the Australian Standard of Medical Sheepskin ( AS4480.1), medical sheepskin must meet strict quality standards for both the sheepskin itself and the tanning process used to treat it.
  4. Maintenance: Proper maintenance is essential to ensure that medical sheepskin remains effective for pressure care. Care includes regular cleaning and disinfecting, as well as monitoring the condition of the sheepskin to ensure it remains in good condition.
  5. Other considerations: It’s important to note that medical sheepskin is just one component of a comprehensive pressure care plan. Other measures, such as repositioning, pressure redistribution surfaces, and skin care, may also be necessary to prevent pressure ulcers and bedsores.
  6. Are they 100% Australian Tanned

AS4480.1 medical sheepskin can be an effective tool for pressure care in certain situations. Of the three styles of Medical Sheepskins we have here at Ozwool sheepskins, the Natural Coloured Australian Tanned As4480.1 is the best for pressure care.

Pressure sore prevention with the OZwool AS4480.1 Australian Medical Sheepskin The best australia has to offer in Medical Sheepskin to protect from Pressure sores
As4480.1 Medical Sheepskin

Pressure Sore prevention is your number 1 concern

 If you or a loved one are at risk of developing pressure ulcers or bedsores, speak to a healthcare professional about whether medical sheepskin might be an appropriate part of your care plan. For people confined to a Bed or chair for long periods of time, pressure ulcer prevention should be the number one issue. Pressure Sore or bed sore treatment is something that takes time, with it taking months to recover from in many cases. Prevention of pressure sores is the best method of treatment. Start early with your prevention and they will not become an issue or concern. Delay prevention can become a problem or worse.

The complications of bedsores

There are various pressure sore stages, with the first one being redness. This is your warning that something is wrong. Prevention of pressure ulcers is the best treatment, early treatment and care are the next best option. If you leave it too late surgery may be the only option left.