OZwool AS4480.1 Australian Medical Sheepskin Underlay The Best Bedsore Underlay. A Medical Bed pad or Medical bed overlay to suit any bed. What is medical sheepskin?

What is Medical Sheepskin?


A Medical sheepskin is selected to provide superior pressure care support. It can come in many sizes and shapes so that option will suit and work for you. These are ideal for anybody who is bedridden, chair bound or spends significant time in one position like a bed, chair or mobility device. Medical sheepskins will minimise or protect against pressure ulcers, also known as bedsores or pressure sores. Australian Medical sheepskins have been used in medical facilities and nursing homes for pressure care and pressure sore prevention since the early 1960s.

What is Medical Sheepskin?
At OZwool Sheepskin, we offer the most extensive range of medical Sheepskin, both in types and available size options. There are two main types; — high Temperature washable and Regular Temperature washable. There are two subtypes within the high-temperature washable type, the AS4480.1 and the standard high-temperature washable. High-Temperature washable means that they can be washed at 80 Degrees Celcius – as used in Hospital laundries. The AS4480.1 is named after the Australian Standard AS4480.1, which CSIRO developed in 1980.

Medical sheepskin for the prevention of Bed sores or Pressure Sores. Always select the best sheepskin medical grade for your needs, not the cheapest.

The wool pile is all 26mm (1 inch) at a minimum with a high density of wool pile per square cm and higher fibre diameter (higher micron rating). A higher pile density means better pressure support. Higher wool pile diameter means the pile will not collapse as easily, hence aiding pressure support.

How to use medical sheepskin

At OZwool Sheepskin, we select Hides for medical use based on their support properties. Support of the patient is paramount over the softness of the wool fibre. There is a fine line between these two properties. Pressure support to the patient is the most crucial factor with a medical sheepskin, and this dense pile provides the necessary pressure care support.

What is Medical Sheepskin?
An Australian Medical Sheepskin is trimmed to a length of just over 26mm (1 inch). This enables the wool pile to distribute the patient’s body weight evenly.
Medical sheepskins are specially tanned to ensure that the leather is pliable. This flexibility allows the medical Sheepskin to endure numerous washes.

Advantages of Medical Sheepskin

  1. Equal weight distribution
    Evenly distributing weight is necessary for reducing and also preventing bedsores. One inch (26mm) is the optimum wool pile height to disperse weight equally. The natural Wool fibres are soft, yet resilient, so it conforms to an individual’s body. This feature relieves pressure which tends to build, boosting blood circulation.
  2. Lowers the opportunity for excess dampness
    Excess dampness is one of the reasons why bedsores develop. Natural Australian Medical Sheepskin is perfectly matched to deal with this. It can absorb up to 33% of its very own weight in moisture without feeling damp. The fibres also disperse dampness back into the air at a quicker rate than many other products. These Sheepskin’s capability to minimise dampness makes them beneficial to reduce and stop skin inflammations, including rashes, itchy skin, and dermatitis.
  3. Works as a natural thermostat
    As a natural product, Medical Sheepskin helps manage body temperature, keeping an individual warm without overheating. As Sheepskin has hollow fibres, it is very breathable. It also functions to minimise dampness buildup triggered by sweat.
  4. Enhances the health and wellness of the skin
    The natural lanolin in wool has properties that can improve the skin’s health; it hydrates the skin while safeguarding against the buildup of excess moisture. Sheepskin is additionally naturally hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial. Lanolin has self-cleaning residential properties when allowed to air out.
  5. Easy to clean up
    Every one of our medical sheepskins is machine washable. Our cream coloured Regular Temperature washable medical sheepskins can are washed up to 100 ° F/ 38 ° C. Our hi-temperature washable Medical Sheepskin can be washed at 176 ° F/ 80 ° C. Laundering the Sheepskin at a greater temperature allows for extra sanitation. The hi-temperature Sheepskin is additionally resistant to staining from blood and urine. We recommend washing only with the Woolskin Woolwash as it has been developed to clean Sheepskin.

Where to buy medical sheepskin?

It does not matter where you are located, at OZwool sheepskin we have the biggest range of Medical Sheepskin Products along with experienced staff, that know the difference in the grades of Medical Sheepskin Hides. We supply medical Sheepskin as single hides and doubles (length way or sideway joins). We manufacture these in Multiple sizes to suit all and any Bed or chair. Of course, our manufacturing is done here in Queensland, Australia.

Where to buy sheepskin for bedsores?

Medical Sheepskin can be used on a chair, bed, mobility device, and virtually anywhere. It can be used to ease the pain brought on by pressure sores. To see that our Medical Sheepskin can aid in as many situations as possible, we provide mobility device covers, chair pads, bed pads, and prop covers. We likewise have medical sheepskin products that can be used on a person’s Elbow, knee, foot or ankle joint. Take a look in any way at the ways medical Sheepskin can improve quality of life.