Premium Quality Australian Longwool Lambskin RUGS offer you Natural Softness, Luxury, Non-Allergic Comfort.

Only true natural Longwool Lambskin can provide you will the in-style look, natural feel and comfort you deserve. Treat yourself to a little comfort and luxury that only an Australian Prestige lambskin rug can offer.

Longwool Lambskin

As these are 100% Longwool Lambskin rugs, they have the natural hide backings with a wool pile of 60-70mm. They are not just a floor rug but a statement of your style and prosperity. They can be used on the floor or on a lounge or recliner, as a bed overlay or just to curl up on with a good book.

These sheepskin are a natural product, so every Longwool Lambskin is not the same, the shape may differ slightly, the feel may be a little different between hides, the length may a little different, or the wool pile may be longer. We do strive to select and match hides to suit you. This is why many of our customers come back time and time again knowing that the product quality is premium each time.

Change the way you live with the warmth and feel of 100% Australian Long Wool lambskin Rug, the only ECO-TAN lambskin in the market today. These are natural longwool rugs that are instantly recognisable for the Longwool Lambskin luxury.

In stock (can be backordered)

Extra Large Australian Longwool Lambskin

In stock (can be backordered)

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