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Best sheepskin mobility scooter seat covers

Wheel Chair and mobility scooter Sheepskin Covers and Throws

Different Types of Mobility Scooter Seat Covers

When purchasing Mobility Scooter Seat Covers, there are several different options. For example, you can select from full-fit seat covers or Throwover style Sheepskin Mobility Scooter Seat Covers. Either one will protect your scooter’s seat from damage but provide pressure support to the rider. It will be softer and more comfortable.

Mobility Scooter Seat Covers

The OZwool Sheepskin Mobility Scooter Seat Covers are designed to fit the Mobility Scooter seats.

These seat covers are breathable and durable, made of Natural Sheepskin. They do not retain odours and will stay in place on most seats. They are also washable and are designed to fit most scooter seats. They are available in a custom or a universal fit, so you can easily remove them if you upgrade your scooter. These seat covers are great for scooters and power chairs because they protect the seats while adding style to the ride.

The OZwool seat covers look great and provide comfort while driving. They come in various colours, including black and Ivory. Depending on the seat style, they come with detachable headrests.

Medical Sheepskin Mobility Scooter Seat Cover

If you’re looking for a quality seat cover for your mobility scooter, you’ll find the Medical Sheepskin Scooter Seat cover, made of 100% Natural medical sheepskin. This product fits snugly over the seat of your mobility scooter. Featuring an elastic band and hook-and-loop fastening around the base, the cover is easy to install and protects your seat from water and dirt.

Protecting your seat will also help keep your scooter looking new longer.

If you are looking for a replacement seat cover for mobility scooters, then you should think Sheepskin, and really should go for the better grade and select medical sheepskin. Recently we have made a batch of Medical grade sheepskin throw-over style pride mobility scooter seat covers.

OZwool Power Chair Seat Cover

The OZwool Sheepskin Motorised Scooter Seat Cover is a great way to protect the seat of your mobility scooter. This seat cover is made of natural Sheepskin and protects the upholstery from dirt, pet hair, UV rays, and more. Available in two styles, these covers are designed for ease of installation. They are a universal fit and easily adjustable.

At OZwool sheepskin we make a complete range of sheepskin wheelchair seat covers. These are either powered wheelchairs or traditional pushchairs. If you are looking for any style of mobility scooter seat covers then contact the team at OZwool.

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