The Advantages of Sheepskin Chair Covers

Natural Sheepskin Chair covers - Sheepskin Seat Covers Sheepskin Office and Lounge Chair covers

Sheepskin chair covers are an excellent method to add comfort and support to your chair. Unlike natural leather, sheepskin does not retain heat or cold. To maintain your chair’s new look, wash your Shear Comfort sheepskin pad in wool skin wool wash only.

Natural Sheepskin hide is naturally anti-bacterial, making it the best material for any environment. Because sheepskin is exceptionally soft to the touch, which suggests it’s perfect for individuals with delicate skin. Sheepskin chair covers promote skin health and wellness and usually are anti-bacterial. As a natural product, they have a high level of lanolin, an ingredient in woollen. Lanolin aids maintain the wool completely dry and soft, so they are ideal for use on chairs, couches, and other delicate surface areas.


Sheepskin chair throws are simple to maintain, thanks to their unique structure and lanolin finish. Even if your seat is a little harsh, sheepskin seat covers won’t ruin it. The straps added to the seat covers help maintain them in place while in use.

Here at OZwool, we find that Sheepskin seat covers are popular amongst homeowners and office workers. The high comfort levels of the longwool chair covers are a bonus. Sheepskin is naturally soft and comfortable and works with most chair and seat systems. Aside from chair covers, sheepskin covers are also suitable for pet dog providers, headrests, carpets, and car seat covers. Some businesses also use our custom-designed fitted car seat covers made from sheepskin.

Sheepskin chair covers are excellent options for any house, office, pediatric centre and other hospital or healthcare settings. In addition to their visual allure, they provide various beneficial functions, including pressure care support. They are also comfy to the touch, promote appropriate air circulation, and wick away excess dampness. Sheepskin chair covers are also suitable for homes with kids, as they are hygienic, comfortable, and environmentally friendly.

Sheepskin is hypoallergenic and also consists of lanolin, an all-natural anti-allergen. It is thought this will decrease the occurrence of rashes. Sheepskin is likewise immune to static electrical power and fire. Unlike artificial products, sheepskin is 100% authentic and made in Australia.

The most beneficial part is that a Sheepskin seat cover is tailored and supplied in 7 to 10 business days.

Sheepskin Comfort – couple your sheepskin recliner cover with a longwool sheepskin cushion.

You can clean your sheepskin padding with basic water spot cleaning.

Sheepskin is naturally Fire resistant.

Sheepskin School Chair covers. Here at OZwool, we make a Sheepskin school chair cover as used by Steiner schools around the country.

Our Longwool Office chair covers are very popular with Home offices or Executive Offices around the country

Now available we have a long wool camel sheepskin chair pad and a short wool Light camel sheepskin seat pad. If you are sitting or bedbound all day then check out our medical sheepskin chair pad, medical sheepskin chair pad cushion, sheepskin pad and medical sheepskin bed underlays

Don’t be fooled by the cheaper and inferior faux sheepskin chair cover or faux sheepskin chair cover seat options available.

We have sheepskin seat covers to suit mobility scooters and most car seats

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