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Sheepskin Car Seat Covers

adventurer ivory sheepskin car seat covers

If you are considering buying sheepskin car seat covers for your car, you need to know some things first. These include the cost of sheepskin, the durability of these seat covers, and, most importantly, the sheepskin wool pile length and fit. See our full range of Sheepskin car seat covers here.

Wool Pile Length

If you are looking for a basic sheepskin seat cover to cover a torn or not-so-pretty car seat, then the 18mm or 20mm wool pile will do the job at a lower price.

The 22mm or 25mm will do the job efficiently and comfortably if you want more comfort.

The 26mm wool pile is the best option if you want a premium comfort level. 26mm is the length least affected by wool fibre shear forces (where the wool fibre will shear off from use).

The 18mm Sheepskin Car seat covers are our cheapest option, while the 22mm sheepskin car seat covers are our most popular option.

Seat Fit

The most common style of the sheepskin seat cover is the Multi-fit style. This style is mass made and will fit most car seats. If the seat has wings or sports mouldings, the seat cover will work, but the fit will not be snug to the seat shape. For most car seat models, we make custom versions that will fit the exact car seat of the vehicle. These are a little dearer as they are manufactured to order, but the fit will be much better, and the overall feel and look will be better.

The multi-fit versions come in 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 25mm and 26mm wool pile options. The custom-fit versions are available in a 20mm or 25mm wool pile option.

If you are looking for a high-quality cover that will last for years, you should consider purchasing a product with a sheepskin wool pile of 25mm or 26mm

Subaru Forester Sheepskin Car seat cover - Forester Sheepskin seat cover - Forester Car seat cover

Cost of sheepskin car seat covers

Sheepskin car seat covers are a great way to add comfort to a car seat. They add more padding than ordinary seats and protect passengers from extreme temperatures. They are an excellent option for car owners who frequently drive long distances. However, sheepskin car seat covers can be costly, and you might only want to cover the front seats of your vehicle.

Sheepskin car seat covers are available in 4 styles, ranging in cover, fit and comfort. They start with Car Seat Inserts (which fit the middle part of the seat only), then Sheepskin Seat Throwovers. These fit the front of the seat without covering the sides, skirt, and rear. The most popular are the multi-fit (also called ready-fit or will-fit) and then the custom fit that is designed for that car seat model only,

Multi-fit seat covers are typically pre-made to fit bucket-style or single seats. However, they will not fit sports seats with fixed headrests or armrests. If your seats have moulded headrests, armrests, sports mouldings, or wings, you should have them custom-made instead of using a multi-fit cover.

Sheepskin car seat covers come with a 1-year limited warranty. The warranty covers the materials and workmanship. In addition, ShearComfort guarantees that its products fit correctly. However, sheepskin car seat covers are not easy to clean. You may need to dry-clean them if they get dirty.

Sheepskin seat insert covers are the cheapest and most straightforward options. They add luxurious comfort to seats. They fit the centre of the seat and are secured by the headrest spike. These inserts provide warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer. Unlike conventional seat covers, sheepskin seat inserts are made from an 18mm thick sheep pelt. They are manufactured in various colours. These seat covers are an excellent investment in comfort and luxury for your vehicle.

Authentic sheepskin seat covers are more expensive than synthetic seat covers. However, they have many advantages over other car seat covers, including a long-lasting lifespan and hypoallergenic properties. Wool is also naturally dirt-resistant, wicking away sweat. As a result, sheepskin seat covers are an excellent choice for cars with leather seats.


Sheepskin is a better choice for car seat covers

Sheepskin car seat covers have a thick wool layer that will keep your back warm in winter. They can also fit snugly onto your SUV seats. You should also look for covers that cover the entire seat, not just the headrest or side airbags. Finally, sheepskin car seat covers should appeal to your unique sense of style. They’re an excellent investment for any car and add a special touch to any interior.

Unlike synthetic car seat covers, sheepskin car seat covers are incredibly durable. They can last for decades with proper care. The wool from sheepskin can bend thousands of times without tearing. Unlike synthetic wool car seat covers, they won’t sag or break under constant sat-on use.

Another benefit of sheepskin car seat covers is their ease of installation. They are usually attached with special straps that allow them to fit snugly on your seat. This way, you won’t have to worry about them falling off or rubbing against the edge of the car.

Unlike synthetic ones, sheepskin car seat covers are made of denser wool. Merino sheepskin is a more durable material, which is more critical for long-term car seat covers. Furthermore, sheepskin is a natural insulator, as airflow can pass through it. Besides, it also supports the body and reduces pressure points.

Sheepskin car seat covers can be easily cleaned. Spills or dirt can be easily removed by brushing. But be sure to apply Wool Skin Woolwash shampoo or other products, especially for this car seat cover. Otherwise, they may fade and lose their appearance.

Another benefit of a sheepskin seat cover is its softness. It relieves pressure points, which are a problem for many people. A sheepskin seat cover is also breathable, which helps keep you comfortable in winter and warm in summer.

Sheepskin car seat covers are available in a wide range of colours. The downside of sheepskin car seat covers is that they’re expensive. The price depends on where the sheepskin comes from; some are cheaper than others. Some may also need to be custom-fit for your car.


Before purchasing a sheepskin automotive seat cover, it is essential to consider the durability of the material and its construction. It is best to buy quality materials that are resistant to wear and tear. Also, consider your budget. You do not want to spend a lot of money on a seat cover only to find out that it doesn’t stand up to your expectations. This will give you peace of mind and help you choose the correct sheepskin for your vehicle.

The durability of sheepskin car seat covers is an essential consideration for buyers and sellers. These covers not only add comfort to your vehicle but can also increase your vehicle’s resale value. They also help keep your upholstery in top shape when you sell your vehicle. As a result, you will get the most money for your initial outlay. Sheepskin covers will also add a personal touch to your car’s interior, transforming it into a space you’ll love.

Sheepskin seat covers are a great way to protect your investment and preserve the value of your vehicle. For comfort and protection, a custom-made sheepskin seat cover will fit snugly over your seats. The material is also highly resistant to stains and is available in low-back and high-back options.

Genuine sheepskin car seat covers are comfortable and breathable, providing comfort even in extreme temperatures. Furthermore, the natural properties of sheepskin make them an excellent thermal insulator, meaning that they will protect your seats from excessive heat and cold. They will cover the original upholstery in your car, which is vital for your comfort.

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