The Premium Double White Longwool Lambskin rug is available in a gorgeous Ivory (white) colour and is a soft warm and inviting mat. Generally more Fluffy than others.

The long wool lambskin is made from Australian Lambskin which is an unshorn sheepskin that is much softer than Sheepskin.

The Premium Australian Double White Longwool Lambskin Sheepskin rug is a soft warm and inviting mat.

This is a long wool sheepskin is approx. 65mm longwool fleece and is made from lambswool which is unshorn sheepskin and much softer than Sheepskin.

Made from Australian Lambswool Sheepskin and Eco tanned, this Environmentally Friendly mat should last 20 years  It is washable and of the finest quality.

Premium Double White Longwool Skin, Minimum Pelt Length: 180cm, Minimum Pelt Width: 60cm

180cm long double Ivory Lambskin Rug
Double White Longwool Lambskin PREMIUM Grade
$169.00 Select options
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