The true value and comfort of our Comfort sheepskin products derive from the springy 25-30 mm pile of these specially EcoTanned tanned sheepskins.
The high density (number of fibres per square inch) soft, springy resilient wool fibres create a cushion that distributes pressure points and body weight over a large area. Each fibre acts as a “mini-spring” that will deform to a body contour; particularly at pressure points.

Practical Comfort – Absorbs up to 36% of its dry weight in moisture without feeling damp, keeping you cool in summer and warm during winter


Excellent Durability- Hard-wearing style that will last for years and years

Uncompromising Quality – Only Australian sheepskins treated by the finest tanning process are used

Flexible – the underside of the skin is buffed up to 10 times to give a clean and soft finish.

Our Australian Lambswool Regular Temperature Washable Medical Sheepskin

Comfort Care Sheepskin is available in the Double Length (2 sewn together- End to End) Extra Extra Large – 210cm+  ( 86″+) long and approx. 65cm (26″+) wide* (suits a bed or recliner – with ease)


Or pay using NDIS or MyAgedCare funds
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Regular Temperature washable Australian Medical Comfort Sheepskin
Double Medical Sheepskin – Gold Medical Comfort Sheepskin
Or pay using NDIS or MyAgedCare funds
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