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How To – washing sheepskin rug

Thank you and Congratulations for purchasing an Australian Lambs wool and Sheepskin Product

Washing Sheepskin Rug Lambswool & Sheepskins are carefully selected for your health benefits.

When you receive your Lambswool & Sheepskin, the wool may appear flattened. Do not worry. Wool is a superior fibre, is highly resilient and springy and will bounce back.  

Run your fingers through the wool fibres, and then give the skin a vigorous shake, and it will be back to its original appearance very quickly. Any fold marks from the packaging will disappear once the skin has been removed from the packaging for several days.


Lambswool & Sheepskin should be stored in a cool, airy place away from direct sunlight. Guard against condensation. DO NOT pack in plastic bags for long periods. Lambswool & Sheepskin is a genuine natural wool/leather product and needs to be cared for the same way we care for leather products.


DO NOT use ‘cold wash’ liquid detergents or washing powders. We recommend

Washing a sheepskin rug – only use Woolskin, Lambskin Shampoo & Woolwash with conditioner


  • Spin with fleece facing out to remove excess water.
  • Long wool colours should be professionally dry cleaned.

Drying – ONLY our Green MEDICAL Sheepskin IS DRYER SAFE!

Air Dry your Lambswool & Sheepskin flat or online and stretch to shape while damp. Dry away from direct heat or sunlight. Direct heat includes fan heaters, heaters, bar heaters, radiators or steam heat. This can cause ill-repairable damage and burn your Lambswool & Sheepskin. DO NOT tumble dry. DO NOT iron.

Brushing & Self Cleaning Care

Lambswool & Sheepskin is a natural because of the lanolin in the wool. Regularly brushing and airing will keep it fresh and help maintain its self-cleaning properties.

After washing Lambswool & Sheepskin, the wool usually reverts to its natural curly state. Restore Lambswool & Sheepskin appearance with a brisk brushing when wet and again when dry with a wire brush or comb like a pet brush or horse comb.

Infant Care – Short Wool Skins, including Underlay, Pram liners, Car seat inserts, Change mats, Ironing mats & Pet Mats  

The following guideline has been provided to assist you and your baby in gaining the full enjoyment and health benefits from your new baby’s sheep skin.

SIDS research has resulted in many changes to baby care and parenting practices. When sheep skin is used as part of a baby’s bedding, it is recommended it should be a short pile. It is NOT SAFE for a baby to have long wool Lambswool & Sheepskin. Our baby care range is all clipped and hypo-allergic for baby safety so that there is no risk to baby safety from long wool fibres. Furthermore, in the early baby stages, a light sheet should be laid over the top of the wool fibres.

Easy Care for Baby Lambswool & Sheepskin  

  • Air regularly and keep the baby’s bed fresh.
  • Warm Machine Wash 40ºC (104ºF) on Wool Cycle
  • Normal Spin Dry
  • Air Dry away from Direct Heat
  • Flex to Restore Shape
  • Professionally Dry Cleanable

Lambswool & Sheepskin Bedding Underlay

Although our Lambswool & Sheepskin underlays are machine washable Lambswool & Sheepskin, they are big and heavy when wet and are not recommended for home washing machines. Professional Dry-clean Recommended.

Lightly soiled areas can be sponged with clean, warm water and towel dried. Allow to air dry before replacing bedding.

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