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The Benefits of a Natural Sheepskin Rug

red black tip longwool lambskin rug

Australian natural Sheepskin rugs are popular for various reasons, including their durability, natural style, and luxurious feel. However, they can also be quite expensive. This article will discuss a few of the benefits of sheepskin rugs and help you choose the right one for your home. Read on for more details. Weigh the benefits and costs to decide which is right for you. And don’t forget to check out our blog for more information!

Natural Real Sheepskin Rug

To maintain the appearance of your Natural sheepskin rug, you must know a few tips. First, never expose the rug to direct sunlight. Sunlight will cause the fibres to fade and lead to the hardening and cracking of the hide. Also, avoid exposing the rug to other heat sources like underfloor heating. When not in use, it’s best to store the rug in a dry place.

Another way to maintain a natural look is to buy a plain ivory sheepskin rug and avoid the bleached white options that some stores sell. Ivory has a creamy tinge to the wool pile. But, if you’re more of a maximalist or a bold decorator, dyed sheepskin rugs might be a better choice. The darker or two-tone colours like cappuccino, grey sheepskin rug and black tip on red will camouflage any spills or day-to-day wear. Here, you can read more about cleaning a natural windward sheepskin rug on our website.

A sheepskin rug’s luxurious texture will make you feel cozy. The natural lanolin in the wool gives it its lustre and protects it from spills. As a natural product, sheepskin rugs are unique and organic, so they do not look alike. A sheepskin rug will have slight differences in colour and texture. This is to be expected and is one of the reasons why you should invest in a natural sheepskin rug.

Silky Feel

There are many benefits of owning a Silky feel longwool Sheepskin Rug. Its smooth, shiny texture provides a luxurious feel, and the waves are medium in size and evenly distributed. Sheepskin rugs are durable and can be washed. They are also warm and can stimulate positive emotions. These are essential factors to consider when purchasing a sheepskin rug. Listed below are the top benefits of owning a Silky soft longwool Sheepskin Rug.


Care: Sheepskin is durable, but it can become soiled quickly. If you do not keep it clean, you can cause it to lose its lofty feeling and become unsightly. To make your wool-covered sheepskin rug look like new, regularly dry-clean it. You can also use sheepskin-specific shampoo to revive its softness and suppleness. Follow these essential care tips if you plan to use your sheepskin rug indoors.

Size and Color: A Silky soft Sheepskin Rug should be selected carefully. One that is too small might not suit the space you want it to cover. A smaller rug may be more suitable. Larger rugs or multi-hide rugs can be layered with a smaller rug. Likewise, a smaller rug can be draped over a chair or an ottoman. Sheepskin is naturally soil-repellent. 180cm and 210cm Double sheepskin Pelts are very popular these days.

Colour Alternatives: These days many people like colour, our popular colours include the Dusty pink sheepskin rug, the timeless Chocolate brown sheepskin rug, to the Light Brown Camel Colour.

Durable Large Sheepskin Rug

A durable sheepskin rug is an excellent addition to any home. Its natural texture and colour will help to keep your floors warm during chilly months. You can choose a plain white sheepskin rug or a more vibrant colour for a discreet look. Whichever option you choose, it will add warmth to any space. In addition, you may prefer a natural wool rug for its softer feel.

Sheepskin rugs should be kept away from direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can cause the wool fibres to be yellow irreversibly. It also leads to the hardening of the hide. Sheepskin rugs should be stored in a cool and dry place when not in use. You should also avoid using extra large rugs for children or older people. Children and the elderly may experience allergic reactions to wool fibres.

Another critical factor in purchasing a durable sheepskin rug is its strength. A mid to firm sheepskin rug should not loosen when you pull on it. Synthetic materials are generally weaker in strength than wool and can easily pull apart if you apply enough pressure. To test the strength of the attachments, gently tug at the fabric. An excellent synthetic material will feel resistant to pulling away from your skin. However, it may be difficult to remove the sheepskin after a few years.


If you consider buying a sheepskin rug, you may wonder how to choose one. The good news is that you can find a variety of sheepskin rugs, which can come in various prices and grades. Although here at OZwool Sheepskin, we only have one premium grade. Decide what you plan to use the rug for before you start shopping. If you plan to use it as a centrepiece in your room, you will want the highest-quality, fluffiest sheepskin rug. If you are only going to use it as a table runner or under the Christmas tree, a thin sheepskin rug will be enough. Remember, price does not always determine quality, so consider your budget. Dearer items are often not superior or larger.

Authentic Natural

A sheepskin rug should feel as natural as possible, and a fake one is a sign that it’s a fake. When you touch genuine sheepskin, it will feel like a soft, smooth, and slick material that will fall into your hands quickly. Fake sheepskin, on the other hand, will be stiff and prickly. You can also smell the wool strands, which should smell like burnt hair. Similarly, if you smell melted plastic, this is probably a fake.

Authentic sheepskin rugs are incredibly soft and can be used in many ways, from bed drapes to chair cushions. They can also be used to cover cold hardwood floors, and their neutral hues blend into most colour schemes. A sheepskin rug will add a sophisticated touch to any room, and they’re the perfect accent for the fireplace and coffee table. Sheepskin rugs are fantastic for motorcycle pads, orthopedic rugs, and comforters.

A large sheepskin rug will anchor a room and define its area. It can cost a lot of money, but the benefits far outweigh the hassle. Make sure you match your sheepskin rug with the room’s shape and ensure visual symmetry between the two. This will help bring the whole room together. Consider getting a sheepskin rug from an authentic sheepskin source for best results.

OZwool Australian

Invest in an OZwool Australian sheepskin rug for a cozy cosy feel. The sheepskin is made from responsibly sourced hides and is naturally soil-repellent. This means that it is more durable and prevents oil and other spills from ruining the fabric. A new Millennial dusty pink shade has been introduced to the natural sheepskin range, lending it a theatrical feel. This shade of pink complements a wide range of palettes, including greys of all depths, blacks, and dark blues.

OZwool is the master of home decor. The company carries every possible product imaginable under one roof. They are renowned for their quality, service, and reliability, so their items can be found in any household. Their sheepskin rugs are incredibly eye-catching and will add aesthetics to any room. And the best part? They will make your feet feel like they are in a magical wonderland.

This sheepskin rug is the perfect choice for a smaller room. The smallest size is 80cm x 50cm. You can use it as a layering piece over a larger rug or drape it over seating arrangements. It’s made of genuine wool and is naturally soil-repellent. This rug is also easy to clean – wash it in warm water! You won’t have to worry about spills or stains any longer. The largest measures over 4m long x 2.8m wide

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Qualities of a Good Australian Sheepskin Rug

Australian Sheepskin and Australian Lambskin Carpets

The beautiful, rich appearance and soft texture make a natural Australian sheepskin rug that will add a touch of luxury to your home. How do you choose which ones are the best for your rug with many sellers out there? How does the quality compare between Sellers? Are there better choices that I can make? Here is what you should look for when purchasing an Australian premium sheepskin rug.

Sheepskin Wool Density

The wool density is defined by how many wool fibres are in a square inch. A good Sheepskin will have a higher density wool pile. Unfortunately, the Wool pile density is not something with a number or rating, so it is a very much experience. Like those from OZwool Sheepskin,   whose team grew up on the Southern Tablelands on an Australian Fine Wool Sheep Station, the best sheepskin are selected for their high wool pile density, and These are merino based Breeds.

Wool Pile Loft

The loft is the wools ability to stay straight and upright. Good sheepskin loft will mean that it doesn’t flatten quickly, and the fibres don’t get easily matted, tangled or become curly. The wool pile loft is related to the wool pile fibre diameter. If the wool pile is too soft, the diameter will be smaller, e.g. 17micron’, while an excellent supportive mid-range wool pile loft of around 21 microns to 23microns will offer the best loft and still provide softness. Higher micron wool fibres from 28 microns to 30 microns will deliver a higher loft but not be soft. Hides are selected for their purpose. Longwools with a good wool pile loft are selected for lambskin rugs, whereas higher hides with a higher wool fibre micron are chosen for their supporting abilities – e.g. medical underlays.

Don’t be attracted by “softest” as it may not be the best for you.

Wool Pile Length

The length of the wool fibres varies depending upon the intended use. If you are looking for a longwool Floor rug or Throw, anything 55mm is excellent. If you can get 65mm to 70mm, then this is better, but remember that sheepskin is a natural product, and longwool lambskins are unshorn – so they have the wispy tip.

A 26 -28mm wool pile length is premium for medical underlay uses. 25mm is the sweet point for car seat covers to manage support and wool fibre shear. Ugg boots and moccasins are more suited to the length of 16mm to 18mm wool.

Extra large Dark Rose Longwool sheepskin from OZwool Australian Sheepskin
Coloured Australian Longwool Lambskin Rugs with Excellent Loft and high Density wool pile

Sheepskin Colour

Sheepskin is a natural product; there is no such thing as a pure colour naturally. All coloured sheepskin and lambskin are dyed using an ANSO dye (same as used in clothing). The Ivory or natural colour is not dyed but has added whiteners (not bleached). Hence, there may be some dark spots from the original hide in some cases of an Ivory or lighter colour. These are not faults or flaws but natural.


Sheepskins silky, soft feel is perhaps its most enjoyable feature. A Premium Australian longwool unshorn sheepskin should be plush, which adds comfort whether you put it next to the bed, on your couch or the floor. You should be able to tell the difference between a low-quality sheepskin rug and a high-quality one by touch alone.

Thickness and Texture

The leather on a good sheepskin rug should be reasonably thick and firm but still feels supple and soft. It should not easily wrinkle and slide on the floor. As it is a natural Hide, the leather layers should not delaminate or peel apart on the underside. OZwools quality sheepskin rugs have the leather side that is buffed, giving that smooth finish. Low-quality ones easily crack and peel apart.


Scratches, cracks, small holes, and other defects are often found on cheap sheepskin rugs, which can be due to diseased sheep but are mainly caused by bad production procedures and quality control. A premium sheepskin rug should be free from these defects.


Sheepskin undergoes quite a few processes before the finished product is released. Suppose one or more of these processes are mishandled. In that case, the sheepskin rug will retain an unpleasant smell, whether because of the sheepskins natural smell of the chemicals used in the tanning process. Like those from OZwool, Australian sheepskin rugs are free from chemical smells or other bad odours.

Sheepskin Size

These products are natural and are produced from well-fed sheep and taken care of; a single high-quality sheepskin rug is more uniformly shaped and larger than cheap ones. The general rule is that the longer the single pelt, the wider it will be. These are no minimum or maximum size, but the most common single rug is a minimum of 105cm long. Rug selection for doubles and bigger is based on hide size, wool pile length, wool density and lustre and look. If the pelts don’t match, they will not form a tremendous multiple pelt rug or carpet. The most common size hide in the unshorn longwool lambskin range is the 105cm one. Sizing is measured on the hide side, not the wool pile side. Measuring on the wool pile side can add 12 to 14cm to the hide size.

Natural Sheepskin Shape

This is as important as length. A good sheepskin rug should have a full shape. The neck area should be rounded. Low-grade sheepskins are usually thinner and longer, and the neck areas are pointed.

Selecting a good, premium sheepskin rug shouldn’t be that complicated if you know what to look for. Better yet, please leave it to the experts at OZwool Sheepskin, as their eye is quite thorough. They have a wide range of sheepskin products that have undergone rigorous processes to ensure that you only get high-quality sheepskin rugs.

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5 Choices In Sheepskin Rugs


There is absolutely nothing more stylish than a sheepskin rug and nothing oh so comfortable! You can purchase traditional in addition to designer sheepskin carpets. Add a little charm and a great deal of warmth and luxury to your space. There are plenty of choices in both colours and sizes of a sheepskin rug.

Sheepskin Area Rug

Double Sheepskin area rugs are pretty large, generally around 6 feet (180cm) in length and 2 feet (65cm) in width. The more popular Quad sheepskin rugs are 7 feet (210cm) x 4 feet (120cm). They are best on the flooring or throw over a sofa or bed. They make a fantastic textured room accent.

Sheepskin Rug

A complete sheepskin rug is a stunning addition to a space. Sheepskin rugs come in sizes the tiniest, generally around 3 feet( 80 cm )  long and 2 feet (60 cm) wide.

Designer Sheepskin Rug

Designer sheepskin carpets take the natural beauty of sheepskin and shape and colour into a work of art. The designer will contrast short and long sheepskin or mix different species to get the effect they are looking for! Natural undyed Australian sheepskin is very popular for these designer pieces.

Bedspread or Sheepskin Bed Throw

Many people choose to put their sheepskin Rugs on the top of their beds. It’s an excellent look and easy to finish the space decoration around. White is an attractive choice on the bed and every so stylish! The coloured options and even the two-tone colours are trendy here.

Infant Sheepskin Rug

Even an infant can enjoy their very own infant sheepskin underlay. Selected especially for a child, they measure around 3 feet x 2 feet (90cm x 60cm), and they are trimmed to approx 7/8″ 24mm – anything shorter is not supporting for an infant. These are sanitised for safety, so they are safe for an infant. They are best for your young ones to crawl around on the floor, play and sit on. Sheepskin rugs can settle down most infants that are upset. It is the warm natural comfort that gets the job done.

Pet Sheepskin Rugs

Then why not one for your dog or cat if there is a sheepskin rug for you and your child. The animals love to cuddle up by themselves on a sheepskin rug, and they might stay off of yours. Sheepskin pet rugs are more popular than you would think.

Sheepskin carpets are relatively simple to take care of. When you initially get your rug, it may look flat because of the packaging. Just shake it out or brush it with a dog brush.

To clean your sheepskin carpet, use only warm or cold water. You can clean it in a washing machine on a gentle cycle or by hand. If you use your machine, use Woolskin Sheepskin wash which has been developed for washing sheepskin. Do not use any regular soaps or detergents.

Stretch it back to shape and size, then lay it flat for drying, or you can stretch it over a close line. Do not place in the direct sun or near artificial heat such as a heating system. It can harm the rug.

Suppose the wool curls after you clean it. Not to worry, that’s its natural state, and you can brush it out while it’s wet, so it dries with that high-end fluffy look.

The natural shape Longwool Lambskin, our unshorn long wool Sheepskin rugs offer any room the modern, in-style trying to find today.

Luxuriously thick and silky, they can be used as a plush floor rug, a cosy throw on a bed or seat, or a luxurious accent draped over furnishings.

The natural long wool rugs are readily available as single rugs or configurations of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 of the finest lambskins, expertly matched for a spectacular finish. We even make round longwool lambskin rugs

Why an OZwool Longwool Lambskin?

Our Lambskin rugs are produced using eco tanning methods, using only the most eco-friendly and technically advanced tanning agents. The Result is a product without health-damaging chemicals, and this stands OZwool out from the others. Our items are safe for your clients and friendly to the environment.

Lend your house a little relaxed luxury. Our Single Australian Sheepskin Rug with Long Wool is made from a glossy, 65mm wool pile and showcases a natural shape that’s sure to improve any decor. Lay it by the fireside or curtain it over a chair– in any case, and it will look and feel outstanding.

Single Longwool Sheepskin Specifications:

Extra-large or Jumbo Premium-grade Australian Long Wool sheepskin is a minimum of 42 inches – 105cm in length, 23 inches – 60 cm in width, and 6.5cm or 2.5 inches of the stack (wool pile length).

Not all long Wool sheepskin rugs are equal. At, they specialise in premium-grade Australian Lambskin rugs

Designer sheepskin carpets give you the natural charm. Even an infant can enjoy in their sheepskin rug.

There are few big carpets that are as beautiful as a sheepskin area Rug.