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Amazing Rugs From OZwool  the Australian Sheepskin Supplier

ound sheepskin rug+stone

Originally Sheepskins were as single pelt options. There are a few options, but they are still small in size. Ozwool can manufacture longwool and short wool rugs in any shape and size by superior sewing techniques. These all go a long way to adding warmth and charm to any room and in houses worldwide. Our team take care in selecting and matching hides to make our large rugs and carpets. Every Week we ship our Australian Sheepskin and Australian Lambskin Carpets worldwide.


OZwool, One of the premier Australian  Sheepskin providers, manufactures Sheepskin rugs or carpets of all colours, sizes, and shapes. These add to the décor of a home or office. They are sure to add style and charm to any house. Natural Longwool Sheepskins turn bare floors and walls into unique and intriguing works of art, and the OZwool Australian Sheepskin rug designer has just the right Sheepskins to make any wall or floor a showplace of appeal. Sheepskins do not just add charm and style to walls and floorings, but rugs can offset existing design with added colour and style.

Many people don’t realise that Brisbane is the centre of the sheepskin décor fashion world. The local team makes the best and biggest sheepskin carpets here in Queensland.

Sheepskin Rugs

Sheepskin rugs are appropriate for all interior styles, and the different wool pile options mean that Sheepskins can be introduced into any decorative theme. At OZwool, a top Australian rug provider offers several beautiful sheepskin rugs for those wanting to stay up with the latest Australian Or European Fashion Colours and Trends. The hottest and most attractive Sheepskins colours are readily available in Australia and available for shipping worldwide. Look at the range and feel of the merino Australian Sheepskin, and you are sure to like the softness, warmth, and appeal these rugs offer.

Modern acrylic Sheepskins are budget-friendly alternatives to designer Sheepskins, but they do not offer the same feel or look. When people try a natural unshorn Australian lambskin rug, they will not return to the cheaper Synthetic Sheepskin. In all aspects of décor design, no matter where in the world or whether it is inside or outside, Natural wins out every time. The Modern colour range of our long wool and short wool will certainly alter any rooms appearance into one of abundance and beautifully decorated. Sheepskin plush and appealing, it is environmentally friendly and naturally comfortable and resilient.

Coloured Sheepskin

Rugs turn plain floorings and walls into unique and exciting works of art. The OZwool Australian Sheepskin website has the right Sheepskin options to make any wall or floor a showplace of charm.