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Most Popular Pink Sheepskin Rugs


Pink Sheep skin Rug

A pink sheepskin rugs are a perfect choice if you want to add a splash of colour to your room and a sense of luxury. Singe or Double pelt rugs are 100% natural and made from high-quality Australian sheepskin. They are suitable for a soft step or to drape over beds and chairs. The rug’s colour may vary depending on your tastes, but there is a pink Australian Sheepskin to suit you.

They are best maintained by dry cleaning to preserve the quality of the pink sheepskin area rugs.

Dusty Pink Longwool Sheepskin - Double XL Size 210cm long - Dusty Pink Long Wool Sheepskin Rug - Australian Merino Sheepskin

Dusty Pink Sheepskin Rug

Whether decorating a modern or traditional home, a Dusty pink sheepskin rug is a great choice. Dusty Pink is currently the most popular of all the Pink Sheepskin rugs we sell. The soft, fluffy texture makes it a versatile rug that is suited as a floor rug, bed cover, or chair cover. It is the perfect choice for every home decor style, but it is especially ideal for children’s rooms. It’s also hypoallergenic and easy to clean.

These are made from the finest Selected Australian sheepskins. The Dusty pink sheepskin area rug is a luxurious choice due to the larger hide options. These eco-friendly and ethically-sourced rugs add colour, texture, and comfort to any room. Our Dusty Pink Longwool Cushions are also registered with the Australian Made Campaign. The mats and cushions are unique pieces of furniture that will become a focal point in any room. And as they are made of natural sheepskin, they’re naturally fire-resistant, meaning they’ll hold up well to a lot of foot traffic.

Ozwool Real sheepskin area rug in pink

The Ozwool Real pink Sheepskins Rug is a dreamy addition to any winter wonderland-inspired room with its eponymous sheepskin texture. Available in circular and standard rectangular shapes, these luxurious rugs are soft and dreamy. Despite their modern appearance, these rugs are remarkably functional. They can serve multiple purposes, from enhancing your interior design scheme to serving as a valuable piece of furniture.

Handmade Natural Sheepskin Area Rug

A sheepskin rug made of natural wool creates a cozy atmosphere and is a lovely choice for winter. This gorgeous rug looks terrific on a bed, draped over a chair, or draped over the floor. With its plush Real hide backing and standard circular and rectangular sizing, this rug is an excellent addition to any winter wonderland. Soak up the warmth that it brings in with this handmade sheepskin area rug.

Are sheepskin rugs a good idea?

Yes, they are the most popular type of area rug available. Offering lots of sizes, colours and shapes. Ozwool premium Lambskin rugs are made in Australia.

Pink Baby Sheepskin

Our popular infant care pink baby sheepskin is the ideal item for a new baby. Popular with grandparents for their newborn baby granddaughter or for mums wanting to give their newborn a different colour option

If you are looking for a blush pink sheepskin rug, then try our large Orchid Pink Lambskin

Care for Your Pink Longwool Sheepskin Rug

If you have a pink sheepskin rug, you need to know how to take care of it properly. Sheepskin products from a mixture of natural wool attached to a suede pelt, just as nature intended. Care for sheepskin rugs is slightly different from caring for other types of rugs, though. You should avoid washing them with detergents and woolwash mixes and dry them out of direct sunlight and heat. Also, it would be best never to expose the carpet to direct sunlight, which can cause the colour to fade.

The first step in caring for a sheepskin rug is to rinse it thoroughly. Use warm water and a wool laundry detergent specially designed for sheepskin. Please do not use a standard wool detergent, as it may cause the hide to shrink. Also, avoid using a harsh detergent that will damage the pelt. Also, avoid using a high-temperature machine, which can damage the leather. In addition, do not place the rug in direct sunlight.

It is also recommended to vacuum or shake the rug regularly. It is essential sheepskin not be stored in damp conditions.

A sheepskin rug is a luxurious and natural decor that is easy to maintain. It can be draped over a couch, placed on a playroom floor, or even used as a chair cushion. Its soft texture makes it ideal for children’s rooms and can be used for all sorts of purposes. Sheepskin rugs are surprisingly easy to care for, so it’s worth checking on their care.

You can gently hand-wash a pink sheepskin rug. Make sure to use an enzyme-free detergent safe for sheepskin, like the woolskin wool wash developed in association with the tanneries. You should also avoid using detergents with enzymes or biodegradable washing powders, as they may damage it. If you’d prefer not to use a liquid wash, you can always opt for a dry-cleaning service. Once it’s dry, you should use a vacuum cleaner to remove any dirt. Once dry, you can shake and brush it to restore its lustre.

Always ensure you don’t use full suction when vacuuming, as this can damage the wool. Instead, use the upholstery attachment or the entire width of the vacuum head to spread the load over the rug. Always avoid submerging the carpet in water, as this will cause the wool to shrink