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About Black Longwool Sheepskin Rug Options

Black Australian longwool sheepskin

More Facts about Black Sheepskin Rugs

Black Australian longwool sheepskin is dyed black. Why, you ask? Natural black longwool sheepskin is too varied for the modern-day buyer. It will range from ivory to light Grey to Dark Grey to black, all within one rug. In many cases, you are looking more flawed than natural.

Longwool Black Sheepskin Rugs in All Sizes

Usually, you’ll find particular products that suit just about every residence requirement, such as black sheepskin rugs. A Black sheepskin carpet offers a comfy environment. They are available in several shapes and dimensions. Typically, adults often go for black sheepskin rugs because they shine and feel truly fresh new anywhere.

We make Black rugs into many things, including Double Black rugs, Quad sheepskin Rugs, Secto Rugs, Octo Rugs, Round Floor mats, Double-sided cushions. All these are made here in Australia by Ozwool Sheepskin.

The possibilities are endless with our genuine Australian sheepskin rugs. There are features of authentic sheepskin that cannot be duplicated by any other natural or synthetic material. Sheepskin is among nature’s greatest gifts. Ordinary rugs are simply welcoming, but sheepskin rugs are delightfully inviting.

Adding these plush sheepskin hides to any home or office will bring appealing luxury and style to any room. With different sizes and shapes, we offer beautiful rugs for every area in the house.

Uses for Black Longwool Sheepskin Rugs

Black Sheepskin Rugs Luxury, we all deserve some! The thickness and softness of the sheepskin are fantastic!! And the beautiful soft white looks impressive. Just standing on it relieves my stress and aches after a hectic day. And your feet will love you for it! Walking around Bare Foot or just laying on it!

One buyer recently commented that they would have paid twice as much for such quality!!

Long Wool Sheepskin Rugs

100% Natural Australian Merino Sheepskin – Ozwool Sheepskins Australia

Tanned from Australian Merino sheepskin, our Black longwool Sheepskin rugs are thick, soft and plush, perfect for snuggling on and complementing any home decor.

Whether you are looking for a black rug or some other colour, our online shop has the most extensive range of colours to suit your home or office. Premium Quality Black Sheepskin Rugs that are safe for the whole family. All of our stated sizes are pretty conservative. We measure the hide side only, so the wool side will generally be 10 to 12cm bigger.