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Chocolate Brown Sheepskin Rug Options

6 hide Chocolate sexto Longwool Lambskin Rug

Here at OZwool Sheepskin, we stock the natural shape Chocolate brown Sheepskin in both short wool, liner wool and longwool pile; this allows us to make any rug, in any shape and suit any space the contemporary, in-style trying to find today.
Luxuriously dense and silky, they suited as a plush floor rug, a cosy throw on a bed or seat, or an elegant accent curtained over furnishings.

Brown Sheepskin Rug Chocolate coloured long wool rugs are readily available as single rugs or configurations of 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 of the most beautiful lambskins, expertly matched for a stunning finish.

We also can make the beautiful pelts into round Chocolate brown longwool rugs in 190cm diameter or 240cm diameter, or any size or shape that you like.


Chocolate Sheepskin Rug

OZwool Chocolate Sheepskin rugs are produced using personalised tanning techniques using only the most eco-friendly and technically advanced tanning representatives. The results are products that are free of health-damaging chemicals that a few of our competitors still make use of today. Our products are not only safe for use by your consumers but likewise friendly to the environment.

Provide your home with a little relaxed luxury. Our Single Australian Chocolate Sheepskin Rug with Long Wool is made from a lustrous, 65mm” stack and showcases a natural shape that’s sure to enhance any design. Lay it by the fireside or curtain it over a chair– in any case. It will look and feel excellent.

All our sheepskin are a Premium-grade Australian sheepskin with the extra-large size being a minimum of 105cm (42+”) in length, and a width generally of 65cm -75cm (24+” ), and 6.5cm (2.5+”) pile (wool length).

FEATURES of the Extra-Large Chocolate Brown Longwool sheepskin:

  • Australian Lambskin
  • Woolmark™ certified Sheepskin
  • Hypo-allergenic & non-flammable
  • Eco-tanned
  • Machine washable* / Spot clean

These Chocolate Lambskins can be made into a Double, quad, Secto or Octo area Chocolate Brown sheepskin rug. We make these to suit your needs here in Queensland.

Square or round Dark Chocolate Sheepskin Rug to suit any room.

If you are looking for a shorter wool pile but still in the beautiful Chocolate Brown colour, we offer a short wool brown Sheepskin. These have a wool pile length of approx. 26mm and are available in single or multiple pelt sizes and multiples of a rectangle 60cm x 130cm.

A beautiful soft sheepskin rug from Australian and New Zealand Sheep/Lamb. Luxuriously soft and thick carpet. Each mat will be uniquely different in its colours and sizes. These are natural products that vary slightly in both size and colour.

A Brown Long or short wool Sheepskin Rug will suit any room or situation.

A Chocolate Sheepskin Rug is the perfect cosy, soft and stylish sheepskin natural rug that offers you luxurious ultra-soft comfort and is an easy-to-designed styling item in any room.

* 100% Natural Sheepskin Rug

* Adds warmth and texture to any room

* Sheepskin is Naturally insulating, cool in summer and warm in Winter

* 100% sheepskin/Lambskin

* Dry clean Recommend

Chocolate Brown Sheepskin Rug

These Australian  Chocolate Brown longwool sheepskins are some of the largest and softest on the market. A genuine lambskin rug offers natural comfort as well as decorative versatility: try placing 1 or 2 long wool pelts beside your bed, in front of the fireplace, or use as a throw rug to accent your favourite furniture.

Chocolate Sheepskin Cushion

Use the chocolate brown longwool made in Australia cushion as an accent piece on your lounge or bed. A Chocolate Sheepskin Cushion is soft, fluffy and adds luxury to any room.

All our sheepskin are Machine washable, using the Woolskin wool wash.

These long-lasting sheepskin pelts will make a timeless addition to any home.

Chocolate Double Sheepskin Rug

Cappuccino double longwool sheepskin - Cappuccino coloured Double Sheepskin rug - Cappuccino lambskin - Cappuccino Sheepskin rug

Chocolate Brown Tipped Sheepskin Rugs