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Best Kundalini Sheepskin Yoga Mats

Sheepskin yoga mat - Sheepskin Kundalini Yoga Mat

Sheepskin Kundalini Yoga mats

When you thought you had every piece of yoga kit you could ever need, there go Demi Moore and her boyfriend carrying sheepskin yoga mats over their shoulders.

Traditionally Kundalini yogis would utilise Natural sheepskin kundalini yoga mats, which were said to safeguard the user from insect bites.

Before letting your mat give you an inferiority complex, you must understand the uses.

Kundalini is a meditative style of yoga, and much of the practice is done in a seated position, holding postures for approximately five minutes, typically with the eyes closed.

Sheepskin mats are the preferred option for practitioners of kundalini yoga – the style favoured by Moore and Russell Brand and Moore’s little girl Rumer Willis.

But I know what you’re thinking. Aren’t yogis supposed to stay with a vegan or vegetarian way of life? Those devoted to the Jivamukti design of yoga (Kate Moss’s popular kind) usually tend to avoid consuming or using any meat products or by-products.

We have certainly seen that more and more people want kundalini yoga mats. Kundalini has always been seen as a more spiritual style of yoga, so it has taken more time to catch on, but it is increasing in popularity because it is beneficial for stress relief. As a result, we expect to see many more Australians walking around with rolled-up sheepskins.

Sheepskin Yoga mat

Why sheepskin for kundalini yoga

Kundalini indeed recommends a vegetarian way of life. However, the skin is seen as a by-product, so it appeals as an ethically sourced item.  

A kundalini sheepskin yoga mat is seen to shield your energy from the earth’s energy. It’s also beneficial as it offers padding, which you want when seated postures.

Now in 2022, more and more people are interested in kundalini yoga.

Sheepskin assists in the user getting to a higher level in their spiritual development when its skin is used for daily reflection.

Here at OzWool, We offer several Kundalini Yoga Mat options to allow the Kundalini user to select a size and shape that suits their needs and wants. Natural Sheepskin at its best.