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Australian Sheepskin Rug – Baby Sheepskin Rugs – Medical Sheepskin Underlays

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Our Current Most Popular Australian Sheepskin Items

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Sheepskin Products For Medical Industry

Everyone has heard of sheepskin, but sheepskin health benefits are many. The Specially tanned and processed hides with naturally crimped fibres that form natural cushioning of your body.

We supply medical Rugs, Pressure Care Underlays and Medical Sheepkin products.

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Longwool Sheepskin Rugs

Australian natural Sheepskin rugs are popular for various reasons, including their durability, natural style, and luxurious feel. We make these in many sizes, from a single rug to multiple hide rugs of up to 4 metres in length.

Our Moto is “Any Size, Any Colour, Anything Sheepskin”

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Infant Care Sheepskin 

Specially selected infant care lambskins, in multiple colours and sizes. Stroller Liners and Pramliners with colours and motifs to suit all types of prams and strollers.

Cot Liners and Play mats from natural Sheepskin.

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We stock and supply Sheepskin Rugs Australia Wide (and Wordwide).

We ship our sheepskin rugs from Our Queensland Facility to your location.

Order your sheepskin rugs or Sheepskin Bed Underlays and Mattress toppers, online or by calling 1300 723 051.

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Sheepskin rugs are great for softness to any room, including your bedroom. They add comfort and warmth, and you can place them on chairs or footstools to create a comfortable atmosphere.

Sheepskin rugs are also incredible for babies’ changing tables and can even double as decorative items.

They can also be used as throws on beds, as their soft fur can help soothe fussy babies.

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When looking for a comfortable place for your baby to sleep or play, consider Baby Sheepskins; these soft lambskin baby rugs are from Australian Merino sheep, which has the highest quality wool worldwide.

Each sheepskin rug is carefully eco-tanned and sanitized before being made into a sheepskin cot or blanket. The natural lambskin fibres are soft and fluffy, making them a comfortable and safe place for your baby to play, sleep, or play.

They regulate the temperature, which is also a benefit of sheepskin.

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If you are looking for a natural and sustainable skin covering for your medical needs, look no further than Medical Sheepskin. Not only is this product hypo-allergenic, which makes it the perfect option for people who suffer from allergies.

Listed below are a few benefits of using Medical Sheepskin. Once you’ve decided to purchase this skin, read on for more information.

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OZwool Sheepskin Tannery is Australia’s leading supplier and manufacturing of:

Medical Sheepskin Underlays
Decor Sheepskin Rugs
Infant Care Sheepskin
Custom Sheepskin Products
Medical Sheepskin Hides
Medical Sheepskin Accessories

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Need Help?

Call our team on 1300 723 051

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Direct to You

We were the first Australian website to start selling Australian Sheepskin online in 2000.

With over 40 years of sheepskin experience.

Shipping Worldwide from Australia

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