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Why buy a Babycare sheepskin

Natural Colour Australian Tanned Baby Care rug

Babycare sheepskin is a popular choice for parents looking for a natural, comfortable, safe option for their babies. Here are some reasons why you might consider buying a Babycare sheepskin:

  1. Comfort: Babycare sheepskins are naturally soft and plush, providing a comfortable and cozy surface for your baby to lie on. The dense fibres of the sheepskin help to distribute your baby’s weight evenly, reducing the pressure points on their delicate skin.
  2. Temperature regulation: Sheepskin is naturally insulating, which can help regulate your baby’s body temperature. This is particularly useful in the winter, when the sheepskin can help keep your baby warm, or in the summer when it can help keep them cool.
  3. Breathable: Unlike synthetic materials, sheepskin is breathable, allowing air to circulate to your baby and helping to prevent overheating and sweating.
  4. Hypoallergenic: Sheepskin is naturally hypoallergenic, making it an excellent choice for babies with sensitive skin or allergies. The lanolin in sheepskin also has natural antibacterial properties, helping to keep your baby’s sleeping environment clean and free from germs.
  5. Easy to clean: Babycare sheepskins are easy to care for: You can spot clean, or they can be machine-washed or hand washed in lukewarm water using woolskin woolwash. They also dry quickly, making them a convenient choice for busy parents.
  6. OZwool Babycare sheepskin is eco-tanned, the most natural tanning process around. All the better for your baby to lay on.
  7. The OZwool OZmade babycare sheepskin is 100% tanned here in Australia with a higher support function than many soft sheepskins on the market.

Overall, a Babycare sheepskin is an excellent investment for parents looking for a comfortable, safe and natural sleeping surface for their baby.

In addition, there is a full range of sheepskin baby products. These are all premium natural sheepskins

Is it safe for a baby to be on sheepskin? Yes, our eco-tanned babycare sheepskin will comfort and soothe a baby any time of the day or night.

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Baby Sheepskins – A Natural Option

Sheepskin Pram liner - Sheepskin Stroller Liners

Infant Sheepskins for my Baby and Toddler

Our OZwool Range of Infant sheepskins is perfect for your baby or Toddler. The infant sheepskins for babies are eco tanned and sanitized tm for your protection. These have many uses in your daily routine. You can use our Australian Natural shape Infant care or baby sheepskin in the car seat, the stroller, a play mat or Floor mat, a cot underlay or just as a lambie comforter. Your baby will love to roll around or play on the natural shape hides.

Infant sheepskins continue to be used even when your baby grows into toddler years. Young children love sheepskins rugs in their big bed under their sheets.

Natural Sheepskins are perfect all year round.

Natural Colour Australian Tanned Baby Care rug

Is sheepskin safe for babies?

Can babies sleep on Sheepskin?  Yes, they can. They keep the baby warm and cosy in cold weather. In hot weather, the natural fibres of the wool absorb moisture, which is released into the air, ensuring the baby stays drier and more comfortable.

Sheepskin storage     

Sheepskin should be stored in a cool, airy place away from direct sunlight. Guard against condensation. DO NOT pack in plastic bags for long periods. Lambskinl & Sheepskin is a genuine natural wool and leather product and needs to be cared for the same way we care for leather products.

Sheepskin Washing

Yes, you can easily wash our Lambswool or Sheepskin products.  Hand or machine wash once a month, ideally using Woolskin, Lambskin Shampoo & Woolwash with conditioner. Do not use a commercial woolwash or detergent, as this can damage your sheepskin hide.

Options for Infant Care Sheepskins And Underlays

You’ve come into the right place for moms looking for available infant care sheepskins and underlays options.

If you are unsure how to select or choose our sheepskin products, please email or call us.

Sheepskins and underlays are used as an interface between the bed’s surface and the infant and are usually sold and used as a single natural shaped skin. They are also manufactured into shapes and for specific purposes like pram liners, stroller liners or cot underlays.

Because of their incredible softness and natural feel on the skin, they are ideal for infant and baby use as it helps them have a great playtime and relaxing sleep.

Sheepskin Infant Playmats - Sheepskin Nursery Rug

Here are your options for sheepskins and underlays: 

Baby Care Sheepskin LARGE.

At OZwool, we do not sell the smaller sheepskins that others do, as they have limited use. Our smallest is the Large Infant care Sheepskin.

This Sheepskin is a natural Sheepskin that is sanitized. Natural Sheepskin will provide a familiar comfort as its soft wool fibres contain a substance called lanolin, similar to that found on human skin. It will also offer your baby warm during winter days and cool during summer.  And because it is sanitized, it makes sure that your baby’s skin is protected and that no chemicals and dirt are on it that can cause your baby skin irritation.

Suitable for nursery bedding in the baby cot or bassinet or a play mat, pram liner, or floor mat. A popular item for boys is our baby blue sheepskin rug

Lambskin Cot underlay. 

This lambskin cot underlay is made from multiple hides cut and joined together with a quilted backing over the joins. It is the most absorbent natural fibre in everyday use because it is genuine Sheepskin. It can contain up to 30% moisture before feeling wet, reducing the moisture and keeping the baby dry in the warmest weather.

Suitable for nursery bedding in the baby cot or bassinet or a play mat, pram liner, or floor mat.

Beware of Lambswool Cot underlays – they are not the same and do not offer the same benefits and features.

Sheepskin Floor Mat Underlay.

This sheepskin mat underlay is manufactured from genuine Sheepskin sewn into a rectangle. A Floor mat will provide double comfort- an excellent play mat or bed underlay for your baby. It will keep him warm and dry when playing, and it will help him sleep very well when sleeping.

Suitable for floor mat, bed underlay, and bed cover.

Lambskin Rectangle Sheepskin Mat.

This sheepskin mat is also made of lambswool. Its Wool fibres can absorb up to 33% of their weight in moisture, keeping the baby dry in the warmest weather.

Genuine Sheepskin Baby Care.

This baby care product is a superb play mat for your baby to play and rest in. It’s soft, giving your baby his needed warmth and comfort while not holding him. The eco wool baby sheepskin.

  • Since they’re gentle on your baby’s skin, they can help heal sensitive or inflamed skin or rashes.
  • They are always dirt and bacteria resistant.
  • Natural sheepskin is still rich in lanolin.
  • You can easily hang them in the fresh air for self-cleaning.
  • They are fire-resistant. Sheepskin is most likely just smoulders and extinguishes itself when subjected to flames.
  • They last longer. Sheepskin’s wool fibres can be bent 20,000 times without breaking; this ensures that a sheepskin product lasts longer.

Lambswool Stroller Liners

 In summary, here are a few other benefits of using these baby sheepskin products and lambskin products: 

Natural Australian Lambskin Stroller Liners For Strollers and Baby Joggers come in various colours.

Proven and tested by thousands of babies worldwide, The Natural Australian Lambskin Stroller Liner provides a natural, warm and safe environment for infants and young children.

The natural insulation of lamb’s wool helps the baby stay warm in winter and cool in summer. Wool fibres have the unique ability to absorb up to 33% of their weight in moisture, keeping babies dry in the warmest of weather

General Product Dimensions: 74 x 28cm
Wool Pile height: 25mm
Quilted Back and Strap Slots included. They suit 5 and 7 point harnesses

Infant Care Pramliners

Australian Lambskin baby sheepskin pram liner. Our New range of Infant care pure sheepskin Pramliners has been released. These come in many colours and with various patterns.

The best item that you can get for your new child or Grandchild is a colourful sheepskin pram liner, available in plain or with a colourful motif as part of the Sheepskin in the liner.

There are the famous lambskin stroller liners for those who have outgrown the pram. Our universal stroller liners will fit all prams and strollers and keep the baby cosy and comfortable. As a gift, you can never go wrong with a sheepskin pram liner or an infant care sheepskin rug.

General Product Dimensions: 7 x 28cm
Wool Pile height: 25mm
Quilted Back and Strap Slots included. They suit 5 and 7 point harnesses

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Are Infant Sheepskin Products Good for Babies?

Infant Sheepskin - Being 100% pure and Natural, Sheepskin is hypoallergenic, flame retardant and anti-bacterial.

Are Baby Sheepskin Products Good for Babies? A Guide for New Parents

Are Infant Sheepskin Rugs Good for Babies? A Guide for New Parents
All-natural sheepskin items are a terrific investment for your newborn. They likewise make a fantastic present for brand-new enhancements to your expanded household. Naturally, you are most likely to want to ensure that whatever you get is comfy for the baby and secure.

Continue reading for more information about sheepskin products for infants, including the advantages of all-natural woollen, how to choose the ideal sized sheepskin rug, and how to keep your child’s sheepskin carpet tidy.

Is Sheepskin safe for babies?

Sheepskin (and the younger lambskin) is a 100% natural product and is just one of nature’s wonder items. It’s no surprise that humans have been using it in homes and bodies for generations. Neither that there are many wool-based infant products offered to parents nowadays.
Being 100% pure and Natural, Sheepskin is hypoallergenic, flame retardant and anti-bacterial.

Sheepskin for Babies

Pure Sheepskin and lambskin can be used for flooring rugs, car seat covers, and Pram and stroller liners. Additionally, Natural lambskin rugs make a soft, clean, comfy base for baby playtime.

Being 100% pure and Natural, Sheepskin is hypoallergenic, flame retardant and anti-bacterial. It even keeps itself tidy! Lanolin (a thin waxy finish on the fibres) wards off water, dirt, and dust and stops the growth of irritants.

Make sure you purchase a high-quality Australian Made Sheepskin for an infant. Search for the Australian Woolmark seal that way, and you’ll understand you are buying Australian farmed Sheepskin without any included nasties. Also, look for the Made in Australia Logo and the Australian Owned Logo. These logos shows that you are purchasing a 100% Australian processed sheepskin from an Australian Owned company.

Is Sheepskin breathable?
Yes, Sheepskin is breathable. This must be one of the best features of a natural product like Sheepskin. It all comes down to the hollow fibres of the wool fibres itself, which allow air to stream easily and control body temperature – keeping you warm in wintertime and cool in summer.

Is it OK for babies to sleep on Sheepskin?
Putting your baby down for naps can be a double bordered sword. There’s the welcome break and rest for yourself and the bother with how long they will undoubtedly sleep and whether they are resting securely. I remember it well!

Infant Sheepskin for Babies

Sheepskin or lambskin makes for an excellent bed linens underlay, offering a soft and comfortable base for sleeping. Pure Sheepskin attracts dampness away from your sleeping child, helping to keep their temperature constant and motivating much longer sleep times.

If you intend to use your sheepskin items in your infant’s cot or crib, you should use brief woollen Sheepskin (not long wool) and cover it with a sheet when your baby is lying down or resting. It’s also vital to revolve your sheepskin underlay routinely.

Always ensure you adhere to the safe sleeping techniques suggested by your neighbourhood childcare scientists. If you have any questions, they should be your first port of phone call.

Can I put Sheepskin in a cradle?

Valuable babies spend a lot of time sleeping. And as brand-new moms and dads, we invest a great deal of time focused on when, how and how long they are resting! Naturally, we desire a healthy, safe and comfy resting environment, so we can place them down for a nap without feeling worried.

Our baby expert advises using a short wool pile Sheepskin (not a long wool pile) as a base layer in a bassinet or cot with a sheet put over the top in Australia. Make sure you brush your sheepskin underlay regularly.

We encourage you to do your very own research and adhere to the safe sleeping practices suggested by your local health and wellness specialists.

What is the best dimension for an infant sheepskin child playmat?
There are some valuable factors to consider when choosing your rug, such as:

The length of the wool pile. The optimum wool pile length is 24-26mm. Anything shorter can be detrimental to the support of the baby.

The diameter of the wool pile. If the Sheepskin is too soft and fine, it will not support a baby enough.

The size of the Sheepskin (do you want to be able to throw it in the car and take it to Grandma’s?).
Generally, sheepskin rugs for children should be between 90am and 100cm, 110cm if you want to use them for a more extended period and throw them on the cot. But some people do like the smaller one, 80 – 85 centimetres in length, as they can be cheaper. Being a natural product, actual dimensions will vary. As your infant ages, they will undoubtedly be able to roll over, creep, and stroll – so keep in mind the lambskin rug you purchase for them now may not fit as their needs alter.

How do you clean up a sheepskin infant rug?

If there’s something we understand concerning looking after a baby, that mess is virtually guaranteed! Understandably, you may be worried regarding just how Sheepskin will hold up in these situations. However, I felt confident it was up to the job.

When the unpreventable occurs, the best thing is instant activity. Try to spot clean the specific area straight away. Do this by initial shaking off any surface area fluid, then delicately blotting whatever is staying with a tidy towel. Don’t splash water or any other liquid directly onto the mark -it will just spread out the tarnish.

Make an effort to take in as much liquid as possible. Typically this alone will be enough. If, however, a stubborn mark remains, then attempt using the Woolskin Woolwash, which is the only woolwash recommended by Sheepskin Tannery. Do not use supermarket wool washes as they are not designed for use on Sheepskin.

Purely talking, sheepskin rugs are machine washable. If you have a large spill or your Sheepskin looks shabby, you may want to throw it in the washing machine with some woolskin woolwash. Follow the woolskin woolwash instructions, stretch the hide, and brush the wool pile when it comes out of the machine.
When drying your sheepskin rug, air drying out is ideal. Don’t place it in the dryer! For best results, hang away from direct sunshine or lay level on a towel in the shade until it is totally dry.

There are numerous benefits to using a sheepskin rug for your newborn – it’s soft, entirely natural, breathable and hypoallergenic for a beginning. And simple to tidy! What could be much more ideal?

All-natural sheepskin products are an excellent investment for your newborn infant. You can also use Pure Natural Sheepskin for floor carpets, car seat covers and pram or stroller liners for babies. Pure sheepskin or lambskin rugs make a soft, clean, comfortable base for baby playtime.