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Natural Sheepskins Longwool Sheepskin Rug

sexto 6 hide ivory longwool lambskin rug

Natural Sheepskins Long Wool Sheepskin Rug – Single Size in the popular and Natural Ivory or White Colour

The Natural appeal and convenience combine to make Australian Longwool sheepskin so desirable. Contributing to the attraction, owning, and caring for these rugs is straightforward.

Additionally, sheep rugs are dirt-resistant and will self-clean when hung in the fresh air hence upkeep is very little.

The most popular Style around is the Extra Large OZwool Longwool Lambskin, which is available in-store or online at OZwool Sheepskin is the original Australian Sheepskin Online retailer, starting back in 2001. This product is environmentally and ethically sourced and eco-tanned, making it as natural as possible.

If you want something a little bigger, the Premium 180cm Double Ivory Longwool Sheepskin is a smart option. This double large Australian long wool Sheepskin Rug is excellent as a chair throw or larger floor rug. It is a soft, warm and inviting mat.

Fibre by Auskin is one of the powerhouse tanneries. They specialise in natural fibres for house decor and all of life’s spaces. These are available in a wide range of colours. The full range of Auskin coloured Longwool Lambskins can be found at

Undyed sheepskin carpets are occasionally available. Each has a mix of natural colour tones, wool textures and skin sizes. These are not seconds or rejects but are natural and undyed.

Sheepskin Softness

The Premium Australian Extra Large Silver Tip - Grey Tip on Ivory -Sea Mist Lambskin is a Long Wool Lambskin Sheepskin rug,
Grey Tip on Ivory Longwool Sheepskin. Just one of the options to ivory longwool sheepskin rugs

Are you searching for Softness and quality? The same rugs that are commonly called Skinnys export-grade Australian Longwool Sheepskin are available from OZwool Sheepskin, the best there is.

For a lovely cosy sheepskin that’s fully washable in cold water and can be dried in the shade, pick your size. We encourage you not to use any other woolwash except the Woolskin woolwash as it is developed particularly for Sheepskin. Other detergents can destroy the skin by hardening it, triggering it to shrink and end up being fragile. Never dry in the sun or exposed to heat. When cleaned in cool water and with Woolskin wash and dried as recommended, this Sheepskin will last many years. Be sure to get a bottle of woolskin woolwash before heading to checkout. An excellent item produced, Sheepskin not only cleans but sanitises your skin and keeps it soft & flexible. Better still, it’s a Queensland product.

Our Longwool Ivory Lambskin rugs offer Softness, with the long wool fibres giving a strong textural statement and a luxuriously soft touch. We sourced from sheep pastured on the lush grasslands of Australia.

Sheepskin by design will keep you warm in the winter season and keep you cool in the summer, providing the ideal thermostat. Natural Australian Sheepskin can wick away sweat and return it into the air much faster than any synthetic material, keeping you comfortable.

Longwool Sheepskin as a Baby Rug

The Extra-long & curly wool fibres with a silky-soft touch and delicate lightweight provide uncompromising luxury and luxury, just what you need for a baby rug.

The Sheepskin was elegant, soft, and white as ordered. An Ivory long wool infant care sheepskin is an excellent alternative to the traditional short wool option.

Not only for babies, but Small sheepskin rugs can enhance your workplace, nursery or library. Make your home office or workplace more peaceful and comfortable with a sheepskin rug over your desk chair or in front of your bookshelves. Use sheepskin ivory carpets to add texture to a space with a neutral colour design for an instant sophisticated accent that will invite you in.

Some have said that the ivory longwool sheepskin is the ideal addition to my babies nursery! The rug is exceptionally soft and gorgeous.

A Small sheepskin rug is like little carpets, helping improve your workplace. Make your workplace more peaceful and comfortable with a sheepskin rug. They quickly go over your desk chair or in front of your bookshelves. You are using sheepskin rugs to include texture to a space with a neutral colour plan for an instantaneous advanced accent that will welcome you in.