The Lambswool Sheepskin cot underlay is made from authentic and natural lambskin. The top of the cot underlay is natural lambskin which is softer than sheepskin and it comes with quilted backing. The underlay which is approx. 132 x 75cm with a wool pile is 1″ or 25mm comes in a cream colour. These are suitable and safe for all baby’s and infants, and cover the full bottom of a standard cot.

(You should beware of  synthetic lambswool mattress underlays, as these do not offer the natural features of sheepskin)

Our super-soft lambskin bed toppers are the ultimate in luxury. Great all year round and a lovely way to celebrate moving into a bigger bed.

Sheepskin Cot Underlay

These Sheepskin cot underlays are made from the same award-winning merino wool lambskins as the rest of our baby safe range.
Dimensions Measures approx 70cm x 130cm
Pile Length Shorn to 28-30mm, ideal for young infants.
Shape & Fit Made to fit on top of cot beds. Full lambskins with minor patchwork, where necessary. Wash or Dry clean

Usually ships within 2 working days

Or pay using NDIS or MyAgedCare funds
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Bed Underlay Ozwool Sheepskin Cot Liner Infantcare Lambskin Sheepskin Australia
Sheepskin Cot Underlay Natural Australian Lambskin
Or pay using NDIS or MyAgedCare funds
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