Cappuccino Quad Sheepskin Rugs

Ozwool Cappuccino Sheepskin Quad Lambskin Rug is made from Four perfectly matched Premium quality Australian longwool Cappuccino brown coloured sheepskins that are joined together into a natural shape for a distinctive look. This classic accent piece will add warmth and beauty to any room. The deep rich and resilient 100% genuine sheepskin pile is just waiting to be touched by hands or feet for a soothing yet stimulating experience. Embellish your wall, floor, bedroom, lounge, or area in front of your fireplace or just throw it over your sofa for a casual but elegant touch.

  • Minimum Pelt Length: 180cm
  • Minimum Pelt Width: 110cm
  • Wool length minimum of 60mm

Cappuccino Quad Lambskin Rug- Quad Sheepskin Rugs
Cappuccino Quad Lambskin Rug – 4 hide Sheepskin Brown Tones Large Size
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