100% Australian Made Infant Care

Our 100% Australian made sheepskin is perfectly suitable for your baby’s need. It can be used as bedding in a bassinet or in a baby cot for when they’re sleeping. The comfort and versatility of the wool allow the baby to sleep calmly. The natural fibre of the wool keeps the baby warm during the cold season and provides ample moisture during warmer weather.

It can also be used as a play mat or floor mat when your child is playing. The sanitized material keeps your baby free from germs and bacteria that can be found on the bare floor.

This comfortable and convenient sheepskin rug can be easily rolled up when travelling. The Aust Made Infant Care Sheepskin is available in an array of colours and sizes.

Skin Sizes
Large 35.5- 39″ (900-990mm)

Extra Large (1000+mm)
Wool Length is approx 25mm or 1″

Keep your baby comfortable all year round with our AUST Made Infant Care Sheepskin. This supple finish and naturally soft sheepskin is ideal for either rest or playtime. Carry’s the “Made in Australia” Tag

Australian Infant Care Lambskin Infant Care Sheepskin 100% Australian Made
Australian Infant Care Lambskin – Natural Colour #1 100% Australian
$129.00 Select options
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