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Australian Medical Sheepskin AS4480.1| Pressure Care the Australian Way

Pressure sore prevention with the OZwool AS4480.1 Australian Medical Sheepskin The best australia has to offer in Medical Sheepskin to protect from Pressure sores

Australian Medical Sheepskin

AS4480.1 Medical sheepskins that conform to Australian Standards. The stamp or sticker identifies these on the hide side. This stamp depicts the washing temperature and adherence to the Medical Sheepskin Standard. Available in natural shape, Bed Underlays and made into accessories and throws.

True Medical Sheepskin that conforms to Australian Standards. These are clinician’s Recommended Choices in the Prevention of Pressure Sores and The Assistance of Wound Healing

OZwool has been supplying and manufacturing Australian Medical Sheepskin & Merino Wool Products for the Prevention of Pressure Sores since 2000

Australian Medical Sheepskin (AS4480.1) and Merino Wool Medical Products are now available for shipping to the US, UK, Canada and other international locations. These are made and shipped from our Australian Manufacturing Hub.

If you are caring for a person who is developing a pressure sore or wants to prevent pressure sores, act now, before it is too late. Pressure sores are debilitating, excruciating, and may take up to 6 months or more to heal. Australian Medical Sheepskin AS4480.1 Products prevent and help treat pressure sores, bedsores and decubitus ulcers. They have proved to be excellent for people who have “night sweats”- the wool wicks the moisture away from the body and helps to keep the skin dry and comfortable

Medical Sheepskin – TGA Certified, CSIRO Approved – Don’t Be Fooled By Imitations!

Various methods of bedsore prevention have been tried, along with the necessary body turning every 2 hours. Synthetic pads have been found to cause pressure sores and often produce more harm than good. Medical research and clinical trials have shown that medical sheepskins are one of the most effective and economical barriers used to prevent bedsores.

Bedsores can start with a reddened area of the skin which may develop into a complex wound that sometimes even reaches the underlying bone. Such injuries can be life-threatening due to infection.

Diabetes is the cause of many problems in the body, one of the worst being wounds. 70% of non-traumatic amputations are attributed to diabetes.  

What is the difference between a regular and Medical Sheepskin rug?

All our AS4480.1 Medical sheepskins are fully registered with the Therapeutics Goods Administration (TGA), the regulatory body for therapeutic goods in Australia, and part of the Australian Government’s Department of Health.

On top of this, Medical Grade sheepskins can soak up a large amount of moisture, releasing it into the surrounding environment at a much faster rate than regular sheepskins. Keeping the patient’s skin dry and warm, allowing for maximum breathability and air circulation around the body. This characteristic is fundamental in developing pressure sores and other wounds, as ongoing friction with regular fabric can aggravate the skin, increasing the likelihood of damage.

An elderly patient was recently discharged from a hospital after surgery to repair a hernia. The discharge summary claims the operation was a complete success but notes that “the patient developed heel ulcers during convalescence”, which will be “looked after by the community nurses”.

Whilst all our Medical Sheepskin are made from genuine Australian Sheepskin and provide great comfort. Our AS4480.1  Medical Sheepskin takes it a step further to provide the highest pressure-relieving properties and support that a standard sheepskin rug cannot provide.

Medical Sheepskin Footcare

Taking Care of Your Feet with Medical Sheepskin Footwear and Accessories

Although our products are made from Australian Merino Sheepskin, not every Merino sheep are exactly the same. Each Sheepskin will vary slightly from another in wool density and thickness of each wool fibre. During the first stages of tanning, our experts will select rawhides of extremely high density and strong wool fibres with a natural crimp or spring-like look.

OZwool Sheepskin’s range of walking and mobility aids will help support those with limited mobility. We have something for everyone with a wide range of support boots, foot covers, knee guards, Elbow guards, elbow crutch covers, and wheelchair accessories available. Choose the perfect support for your needs.

OZwool Sheepskin Australia makes and stocks a wide range of medical sheepskin products that help make daily living simpler. Live comfortably in your own home, and feel confident completing tasks with our great range of aids for daily living.

Sit comfortably with our range of chair throws and cushions and Wheelchair cover to aid in pain relief and assist mobility with minimal discomfort.

Australian Hi Temperature Medical Underlays (AS4480.1-1998) means that these are Urine Resistance: Making it suitable for Incontinent Users. Medical sheepskin overlays are made here in Queensland using Australian Tanned As4480.1 sheepskin.

Easy to Clean & Disinfect for infection control:

Medical Sheepskin has been used in nursing homes and hospitals since the early 1960s. Since then, the Australian made sheepskin medical pad AS 4480.1 has been developed. The stamp on the leather recognises this. The seal means that only the best medical sheepskin pelts are used, and only these are tanned so that they are HiTemp wash and Urine Resistant.

Medical Sheepskins and medical sheepskin pads have exceptionally high wool pile densities, making them capable of excellent body support. Our select Medical sheepskins wool pile have been trimmed to between 26 and 30mm for maximum pressure reduction.

Research has shown that this is the optimal pile height for maximum pressure reduction. Medical sheepskins are tanned to ensure easy cleaning and disinfection while maintaining the flexibility of the leather. This flexibility enables a medical sheepskin to conform to any surface, be it a bed, a chair or a bandaged foot.

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