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Pram Liner - Sheepskin Pram liners - Stroller Liners

Full Size Sheepskin Pram Liner


Sheepskin is extremely easy to clean. The natural lanolin content of genuine sheepskin makes it easy to clean, but don't worry. Washing it won't ruin it. You can hand-wash the liner with WoolSkin Wool wash and hang it to dry out of direct sunlight. Once dry, brush it gently with a soft brush to restore its supple feel. New Born Baby Support They are also safe for newborns because they are made of an ideal blend of density and foam material. The soft material will conform to your baby's body weight, posture, and temperature while serving as a comfortable cushion on bumpy rides. The OZwool Sheepskin Pram Liner is available in various patterns and comes in reversible styles. OZwool Sheepskin The OZwool Sheepskin pram liner is a versatile, innovative product for babies and toddlers. The liner adapts to the child's body shape and supports musculoskeletal development while improving travel comfort and safety. Besides absorbing impact, the liner is compatible with nearly any pushchair. It is available in multiple colours and patterns Pram liner Sheepskin
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