Australian Medical Care Sheepskin – Benefits of Australian Medical Sheepskin

If you are looking for an Australian Medical Care Sheepskin to help with your Pressure Care medical needs, look no further than an AS4480.1 Australian Medical Sheepskin. These are hypo-allergenic, but this also makes them the perfect option for people who suffer from allergies. Listed below are a few benefits of using Medical Sheepskin.

The wool fibres in a medical sheepskin product can hold up to a third of its weight in water, but you won’t feel it. When the skin is moist, it can lead to pressure sore development, skin breakdown, and infection. Additionally, the natural fire resistance of our Medical Sheepskin products makes them safe and durable. You easily clean and dry these items at low temperatures. The best part is that there’s no risk of bacteria or viruses transferring into the sheepskin.

Medical Sheepskins

Medical Sheepskin also provides a soothing touch. The natural crimping of each fibre acts like a spring and helps reduce swelling. This natural cushioning makes our Australian Medical Care Sheepskin the perfect choice for autistic children. Children with autism can benefit from the warmth and softness of a sheepskin wrap or boot. In addition to its anti-inflammatory benefits, it also prevents pressure sores and promotes blood flow to the area.

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